Lucerne in October. Part 1

This is our boat named 'URI'
Last time we came to Lucerne in December 2018,
we said we would return with warmer weather and that our priority 
would be to take a steam-boat cruise on the lake.
As soon as we arrived, we bought tickets for the earliest boat ride on the same day.
We just had time to drop our cases off at the hotel.

We're just leaving the town of Lucerne to do the long three and a half hour tour
of the big lake with lunch included.

This is Mount Pilatus
the iconic mountain which is 2.128 metres high.
I think it would be lovely to take the cogwheel train and then a cablecar and gondola
and to be able to see the whole lake from the top.

Before going any further, I should explain a little history.
On the map, we can see the whole of the lake which is quite a complex shape
with many bends and four arms.
On my notepad, I wrote down the names of all the different stops.

One of the stops was Rütli.

"For all Swiss people, Rütli is synonymous with the founding history of Switzerland.
Nourished by the impressive drama of "William Tell" by author Friedrich Schiller,
it is for many people the historic place where in 1291, 
the oath of the Swiss Confederation was sworn.

On August 1st, 1291, now celebrated as the Swiss National Holiday,
the three original cantons: Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden united and founded
with a loyalty oath the Confederation at the forest site."
Text taken from here:
The canton of Lucerne (or Luzern) was added to the other three mentioned above.

The lake is called the Vierwaldstättersee
which means The Lake of Four Cantons.

The views are beautiful all along the way.
It's very mountainous with green pastures below.

The weather was perfect

All the views are different and always interesting

Sparkles on the water

A Baroque style church perched above the lake

There are several small safety boats around the steam boat.
You can see the name Uri on this one.

A sailing boat crosses our path

This is the cobbled pedestrian square which is in front of our hotel.
People were still sitting on outside terraces, thanks to the warm October temperatures.

After dinner, we walked around the pedestrian area of the town
where our hotel was situated.
I like the welcoming entrance to this historic hotel.

This is where we stayed: 'Hotel zum Wilden Mann'.
We stayed here last December when it was beautifully decorated for Christmas. 

I took so many photographs during this trip,
that I'll be posting Part 2 next week.


  1. What a wonderful trip, I'm so glad you were able to make it. Thank you for all the photographs and I will be looking forward to part two of your beautiful holiday.
    Wishing you a lovely day,

    1. We had a lovely time. Thank you, Connie. It's such a pretty town in the old part along the River Reuss which runs through the town itself. Our boat cruise was the highlight of our stay!

  2. What a beautiful trip! I remember visiting Lucerne back in 1991. We took a family trip to Lucerne while my husband was working in Lugano during that time. We took many trips to St. Moritz and have friends who moved to Zurich, which they are still waiting for us to visit sometime. Currently I am in Prague, my husband is working here for a few weeks for his job. I look forward to seeing additional photos of your trip!

    1. Hi Anna! So nice to have you pop in. How lovely that you also visited Lucerne. It sounds as if you've often visited Switzerland! At the beginning of December, I'm going to Zürich for a few days! How lovely to be visiting Prague for a few weeks!

  3. Oh, what a lovely place! Those sloping pastures under the mountains are so beautiful. As are the mountains themselves, and the lake, and that flower-decked hotel. Thank you for taking us along with you.

    I'm glad you had a warm October - ours was unseasonably cold! And November hasn't been any better. Brrr. :)

    1. So lovely to see you, Sue! I'm glad you enjoyed visiting Lucerne and the lovely lake through these images. I'll be showing more of the lovely old part of the town next week! yes, we were lucky in October with the weather, but November came in cold with wind and rain with some blue skies and sunny days dotted here and there!

  4. WOW . . . what wonderful photo's of your trip. You can almost feel the clean Swiss air coming off the screen. Simply stunning. Definitely somewhere I'd like to visit.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

    1. Thanks, Sarn. There was a lovely gentle breeze on the lake, so definitely a feeling of clean Swiss air! Next time, you'll see some of the buildings in the old part of town!

  5. Your trip to Lucerne looks simply wonderful, Sandra! How nice to have such beautiful photos to remind you of your October trip--I definitely need to put this on my "must visit" list :)

    Enjoy your weekend, Sandra--hope the sun is shining in your part of the world ♥

    1. Lucerne is a wonderful town to visit, Carol. The lake, full of history is beautiful too. Our weather is changeable, we have sunny days and misty days and it's getting colder, but no sign of snow as yet!

  6. Lucerne is a beautiful place for a trip around the lake! I love all the lush green mountains and blue waters. I especially like the church, so gorgeous! I'm headed to read the second post now!

    1. The lake is so beautiful, Cathy and the views from the steam boat quite breathtaking! I'm glad you like visiting through these photos!