Lucerne in October - Part 2

Now we are going to glimpse parts of the old town of Lucerne.
The water which separates two parts of the old town
is called the River Reusse which joins the lake.

Here is a close up of Chapel Bridge with colourful flowers arranged along the whole length.

The well-known tower attached to the bridge.

The building with the arcades underneath is the Town Hall
with the clock tower behind.

This is the view that I had from my hotel room.
It's a very old pharmacy with lovely stonework and an exciting turret.

The small fountain which can also be seen from my room.

Looking towards the other end of the River Reusse at the opposite end to the lake.

After crossing one of the bridges,
there are beautiful decorated house facades to be seen.
This is one of my favourites.
It's part of the Waage Hotel which is steeped in history
which dates back to 1199.
The famous facade murals are among the most photographed in Lucerne.
I love the coloured tiled roof as well.

Here is a close-up.

I've shown this particular red and white building several times,
but taken from different points of view.
It was particularly lovely on this sunny day with deep blue reflections in the water.

This is the Jesuit Church which can be seen on several different photos
on my visit to Lucerne last December 2018.

This is the interior of the church in the Baroque style.

More architecture with turrets and an old lamp

Another interesting detail.
Maybe you can just read the words below the middle window:
"Festina Lente"
which means: 'Hasten slowly'!

The sky was so pretty here
The saying goes: "Mares' tails and mackerel scales."
In the days of large sailing ships, these kind of clouds in the sky meant
a storm would be approaching soon and the sails should be lowered to protect
from accompanying high winds.

A close up view of the reflected flowers.

On our last evening, I left the dinner table right after the first course
to catch the setting sun.
We can just see details of the fortified wall leading up to the tower.
Next time, I'm going to walk up there!

An old lamp against that sunset sky.
It was a lovely stay in a beautiful town on the lake.


  1. Nice pictures which bring back sweet memories. Thank you for showing.

    1. Glad to hear that these photographs reminded of your visit to Lucerne. Thank you for leaving a comment!

  2. Lucerne is beautiful city, we visited Lucerne many years ago and loved everything about it! It also reminds me a lot of Prague. Prague also has beautiful facade murals on their buildings especially in the main square. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos while you were on holiday! Have a great week!Q

    1. Thank you very much! Glad you liked walking through Lucerne with me here!

  3. WOW - Lucerne really is very beautiful and you've captured its charm so well.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

    1. Thanks, Sarn! So glad you enjoyed the second part to our stay in beautiful Lucerne!

  4. I am so in awe of the beautiful architecture! It's amazing!It was indeed a wonderful trip! So glad you shared it with me!

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed travelling through Lucerne with me, Cathy. It's such a beautiful area and I love the old part of the town!

  5. I so enjoyed this latest travelogue, Sandra! The flower covered bridge and the murals on the ancient building are so very lovely. I definitely hope to visit Lucerne some day for myself :) Hope your December is off to a wonderful start--still can't believe the year is coming to an end, can you?

    1. So glad that you enjoyed this second part of my stay in Lucerne, Carol. The old part of the day, which is quite extensive, is beautiful. It also has the added beauty of the lake (which you can see in Part 1) and the River Reuss which runs through the town itself!
      It does seem rather amazing that we are now in the month of December! I agree!

  6. It feels like another time with the stoneworks and turret and facades. The sunset is lovely. This is very photographic place to visit, for sure.

    Have a lovely day.

    1. Thank you, lissa. Lucerne is a very beautiful old town. We were lucky to get the pretty sunsets too. So nice to have you visit!

  7. So many beautiful details.
    I adore painted designs on buildings as well as the sculptural details that are part of buildings structural importance.

    Thank you for sharing.

    1. So nice to see you, Tammie. Thank you for dropping in with a kind comment!

  8. Lovely Sandra!! Love your beautiful photos of places you enjoy to visit! Have a great week!

    1. Thanks so much for popping in to comment. Glad you enjoyed these photos of my time away! I hope you have a good week too! I'm in Christmas card writing mode right now.