May Flowers

The blossoms have been wonderful since the end of April,
but May has brought a profusion of delicate flowers against deep blue skies.
Like this curtain of flowers.

The dark pink centres are a lovely contrast to the white petals of this ornamental cherry.

This one was taken just after a rain shower.
This little tree is in my street and I look forward to the blossom every single year.

These white Narcissus with the yellow centres was taken on an evening walk
in my neighbourhood.

Layers of pink petals so wonderful to see after the winter months.

More rain showers on this beautiful Iris growing in the planter
alongside the building I live in.

The Lilac bushes are still blooming

I managed to capture this Apple Blossom before the wind
blew away the gorgeous chunky petals.
I wonder if this will be a good year for apples?

How fresh the new spring green leaves are as they appear on all of the trees.

The Queen of queens for this month
has to be the luscious Peony.
I like to have them in a vase in my home during the whole of the month of May.
Aren't the petals just wonderful?

They start off  in a lovely deep, vibrant shade which  changes every day.

until they becomes a beautiful luminous creamy colour
and then finally white, before the petals start dropping.

A fallen petal and stamens on the tabletop.

Ruffles of peachy petals

and the last peony standing in the vase.
It will soon be time to get some more of these wondrous blooms.

Soft curves and colour create an abstract quality to the flowers
that bring me such joy all through the month of May.

We have had our fair share of rain this month with polar air blowing our way,
luckily there have been blue skies too!

The rain is needed as the level of the rivers and lakes was getting really low.

A beautiful basket of Hydrangeas arrived today

They have been sent by my thoughtful son in Canada
for Mother's Day this Sunday.
It always falls on the second Sunday during the month of May.
You can see the pretty accompanying card.
This lovely plant will be planted in a big pot on my balcony on Sunday!
Hydrangeas are my favourite plants to have on my balcony.
They flower the whole summer through.


  1. Oh, such beautiful colors of spring! A beautiful post!

    1. May is my favourite month of the year because of all the blossom and flowers. It's also the month I was born!

  2. Arent' May blooms the best, Sandra? And a perfect chance for you to share your photography skills--every photo is magazine worthy in my opinion :)

    I love hydrangeas, too, and the basket from your son is the best Mother's Day gift! I have trouble growing them here because our deer love them as much as I do--love them to eat, that is! I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day and a very happy birthday month! ♥

    1. May blooms are definitely the best, Carol! I do love to have one or two hydrangea plants which give wonderful colour right through to the autumn. Luckily, there are no deer on my balcony to nibble them! Many thanks for your kind wishes. May is always a very special month for me.

  3. How very thoughtful of your son - I love hydrangeas too, but they are not thriving well in our garden. Have a most lovely Mother's day!

  4. Yes, a wonderful Mother's Day gift. I love all the other flowers that bloom during the month of May too! Thank you! Enjoy Mother's Day too.

  5. May is a spectacular month
    How many beautiful flowers.
    Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos.
    Divagar Sobre Tudo um Pouco

    1. Thank you, Maria. May is my favourite month for all the wonderful blooms that make the springtime explode in beauty!

  6. What beautiful photos Sandra. Happy Mother's Day to u. Nice gesture from your son. Xxx

  7. Thank you, Sarn. Yes, a beautiful Hydrangea plant (my favourite for my balcony) from my son and some lovely Occitane products from my daughter.

  8. Your shots are truly beautiful!

    1. Thanks, Fi. The flowers are so varied and beautiful right now.

  9. Such pretty blossoms Sandra. I am always envious of your talented photography skills, your photos are so beautiful...

    1. So kind! Thank you. The flowers are so gorgeous right now!

  10. How beautiful, Sandra! I could just about smell that Iris. I lost my Lilac last year, and I've never had luck with Peony or Hydrangea in the yard. I may have to try growing a Hydrangea in a pot on the patio. Maybe it just needs a different location. I hope you'll post a few photos of your balcony garden this season. They are some of my favorites!

    1. Hydrangeas seem to do well in very large pots. I always have one or two of them on my balcony. They don't like too much sun though and they are rather thirsty plants too. I have the morning sun until early afternoon and keep my hydrangeas in a shady spot. My tiny rose bush likes to have more sun. The success of plants is often due to where they're planted and the type of soil we have. I also give them all fertilizer once a week in the water.
      I hope you have more luck with your plantations this year. I'll be planting my balcony again soon now that all risk of night frosts is over! There will be photos! Thank you!