Fields of Green

Fluffy clouds in blue skies
Overhanging boughs
Country paths 
and fields of green.

I should get into the country much more often
and it isn't so very far away from where I live.
So lovely here to see the yellow dandelions in full bloom.

Beautiful buttercups everywhere too!

To get up here, I need to walk up the hill from where I live to the nearest metro station,
only three stops away 
and then I need to take a country bus which leaves every fifteen minutes from the metro.
One bus goes all around small villages and it takes about fifteen minutes,
the other one is more direct and it takes only seven minutes to get to this beautiful area.

When I had a car, I came here several times a week in all weathers,
even with my snow-shoes in the winter!

I even saw butterflies!

A wooden cabin in the woods.
I love how we can see the forest and trees through the windows.
This place is called Chalet-à-Gobet
and not too far from the town of Lausanne.

Another lovely place in the country to visit is Apples.
This is further away and I need another country train to get here.

It's also great for walks, especially in the autumn when the trees change colour.

On a clear day, there is an excellent view on the mountains from the top of the hill.
It was a little misty on this particular day.

I do love shutters, especially the old ones.

With roses growing on the wall against a trellis.

The village had colourful pots of flowers

The rapeseed fields were past their most colourful, but still looked pretty in contrast to all the green.

Waiting at the station of Apples
to catch the country town back down to the nearest town of Morges.
Only one train per hour, so it's best not to miss it!


  1. A beautiful day to take the train and country bus and go exploring in fields of green! Love all the dainty, colorful flowers. I know you enjoy those gorgeous open spaces!

    1. Yes, I do enjoy these lovely outings, Cathy. I have decided to make the effort and go much more often! Being in nature is so necessary for my well-being!

  2. Sounds like you have the train schedules down and that you are very at ease riding the trains. We don't have that good of a system here . . . it's a shame, because riding the train seems so exciting to me. When I was a teenage Momma let me ride the train from our home in Northern Indiana to Chicago to visit my sister. It was always an adventure that I treasure in my memories. Our Eastern states do have better systems than we do out West.
    Our photos are so beautiful . . . you always capture a serenity of loveliness with your camera. I enjoyed tagging ago on your country train trip.
    Connie :)

    1. Public transport is excellent in Switzerland, Connie. The metro and buses and trains are all very reliable and make travelling possible when you no longer have a car. Like you, I find train trips really fun, but I like country buses too. They allow me to go places that give me so much pleasure. I'm glad you enjoyed coming along on my outings through these photos! I'll be taking you down to the lake one of these days too!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Fi. It's so lovely to go into the country and enjoy it all!

  4. That is wonderful that you can reach the countryside through public transportation, Sandra. That wouldn't be happening here! I am dependent on a car to even go to buy groceries (unless I want to walk two miles on busy roads! We don't even have sidewalks here in the suburbs!). Loved your photos--everything is so green and lush. And how wonderful to see blue skies--we have been having so much rain, flooding, and gray skies here. Not to mention tornado warnings which have been very scary. I hope your do get to visit the country often over the next few months :) Have a lovely day! ♥

    1. Thanks, Carol. Yes, I will definitely be making the effort of going into the countryside more often. It really isn't difficult at all when the public transport services are so good. I really appreciate having shops, farmer's market and all other everyday amenities within walking distance in my own neighbourhood. The price to pay is being in a town environment with traffic and other buildings. We cannot have it both ways!

  5. Oh, those buttercups! One popped up in the middle of our yard a couple weeks ago, and I was so happy to see it! They were all over where I grew up in Upstate New York, but I rarely see them here in midwestern suburbia.

    It’s so wonderful that you have easy access to the country from your home in the city. Our only public transportation takes people from the suburbs to work in the city and back again. We have a car and sometimes drive into the country, but unless our destination is a dedicated park with a trail system, there’s really nowhere to just park the car and set off wandering. (People are suspicious of cars that are left for any length of time and of strangers wandering about.) And like your reader Carol, our grocery story is a couple miles away, along busy roads with no sidewalks. And the farmers’ market is six miles away in the opposite direction. There’s really no neighborhood feeling with everything so spread out.

    But you are right—there is a price to pay wherever we live. People who live out in the country may wish their favorite store was everyday amenities were only five minutes away instead of an hour or more!

    1. We just can't have it both ways, can we?! I have learnt to love all the amenities around me and so easy to reach either on foot or by a frequent bus service. There is one every ten minutes! I have to make more of an effort to get out into the country, but it's always worth it! I'm glad that I no longer have to rely on a car to do everything like when I lived in the countryside. No buses, but a small country train to take us to town if needed!

  6. It's so easy to grind the same paths every day. It's not that easy to explore new ones, no matter how easy they prove to be. When you're on safe grounds, you're feeling safer, you only take your bag, leave that jumper at home, cause, when the weather changes, you're only just around the corner, and you sure know a place to turn in to or to shelter (and when it's just the local supermarket). But when wandering off... You'll take an extra coat, an umbrella, some water, at least one muesli bar, your crochet (in my case - when I'll be waiting an hour for the train I definitely will have missed)... Truth be told: I think I would tell myself to go out there more often, as it's so easy, but I would probably stick to the good old routine...

    1. My new motto is "Make the effort to get out into the fresh air in the countryside more often"! I love walking surrounded by nature and my only baggage is my camera, a bottle of water and my purse and bus card. Oh yes, and the mobile phone in case of necessity!

  7. It sure is a very gorgeous place!

    1. I love walking here. Thank you for your visit!