Welcoming May with Open Arms

I've always loved the month of May
because of the flowers
because it's my birthday,
I love it this year especially because three of the weeks in April
were difficult to get through.
I hurt my back moving heavy boxes around and spent far too long in a forced
rest with a heated pad in my back, pain-killers and several doctor's appointments.
I am pleased to say that the situation is much improved, but not yet perfect.

I missed two weeks of enjoying spring outside and when I went outside for my first walk,
the lilac was in bloom and the fresh, green leaves were on the trees!

The first thing I saw when I walked out the front door were the lilac bushes
in full bloom on the grassy patch near my building.
They smelled heavenly and the grass and tiny daisies under my feet felt wonderful!

The trees in my street were in blossom and the tiny leaves followed soon after.

My young Camellia bush had buds everywhere

and the buds opened to reveal soft red blooms

My balcony started to look very colourful

A big pot of tiny violas is filling out nicely

I picked a few to keep me company inside!

The first strawberry flowers are appearing in my window boxes

A pot of Lily-of-the-Valley for the first day of May
and some freshly picked pansies.
The two cards were for Easter and I keep them out for a long time because they're so pretty.

This little cherub sitting on a heart-shaped trinket container
was given to me by my grandson a while back.
I treasure the thoughtful gift and keep some earrings in it!

I got outside again in time to capture the last of the flowering blossom.
This one is in my street and I look forward to it every year.

These lovely pink ones are in my neighbourhood too.

My favourite apple is called Topaz and I eat one every single day.
I'm so happy that they can still be found at the market.
Do you have a favourite apple?

One day, I fancied some pancakes. These are made with three different kinds of gluten-free
flour, including chestnut and coconut flour.
I diced some ewe's cheese before folding them in half and then some avocado pear to garnish.

My favourite flower in the month of May is the peony.
They come in glorious colours and their petals get lighter and lighter as they mature.

Their centres are a wonder of details

The early morning light behind the pink petals makes them look like a watercolour painting.

I finally finished the edging on my latest crochet creation.
I mentioned it in April. 
It's Granny's Secret Garden and all the rounds in the middle represent
different flowers: a mixed border in the sixteen squares in the middle,
then come the blue and yellow forget-me-nots and then the soft red and pink cherry blossom.
The pattern is by Wool Thread Paint
and I have done my own personal colour scheme.
I made the heart garland a while back.

There is a new project on the go 
and 2022 is the year when I want to reduce my huge stash of yarns
 which seems to be taking over my apartment!
This pattern is called Spring Flower Blanket

I am aiming to crochet 64 big squares and join them together with a border.

This is a photo heavy blog entry as I'm catching up for the lost days of April.
I hope that spring is treating you well.
Whatever happens in our lives, especially the unexpected,
let's keep smiling and know that better times will return again. 


  1. A lovely colourful Spring post. So pleased to hear you’re recovering well. Your crochet is wonderful xxx

    1. Thanks for popping in to say hello, Sarn! Yes, things are looking up again and it's beginning to feel quite wonderful!

  2. Hello Sandra, hope you are fine again.. Very nice post with amazing pictures. Your crochet looks beautiful. I like the colors. Wish you a wonderful May. Hugs

    1. Hello Gabi, thank you for visiting me today on this sunny Sunday! Things are getting better by the day - and one learns to be patient with these things! I'm glad you enjoyed the crochet projects!

  3. Spectacular pictures as always! It's wonderful that you have all these beautiful flowers around you, thank you for sharing them with us.
    Lovely crochet projects too, like you I have a large stash of yarn and would like to use some of it up, thank you for the inspiration.
    I hope that you will very soon be fully recovered from your back injury.


    1. Hello Christine, so lovely to have you visit. I find that the month of May is so wonderfully full of beautiful flowers everywhere!
      I love to crochet and do it most days. I don't know how I accumulated such a huge stash of yarn, but now I'm am working to reduce it by doing new projects the whole year through. I may need several years to get through it all! Good luck with reducing your own stash!
      Thank you for your kind thoughts. Back problems can take a little while to resolve completely, but I'm on the right path!

  4. Very sad about your accident. Get well soon. Gorgeous flower inside and outside there. Very nice colours you chose for all your crochet project. I would like to have my mug on that lilac and green granny square.
    My favourite apple is Mela Annurca. It’s typical from the region of Campania, in the south of Italy.
    Have a nice, recovering week,

    1. Thank you for your kind wishes, Miriam! I looked up Mela Annurca and it looks, and sounds, like a lovely tasty red apple from southern Italy as you mention! I'm glad you like the new crochet project. I do more flower circles and squares each day!

  5. I'm so very sorry about your back problems, Sandra! I am glad you are up and around again--I bet it felt like you were released from prison when you were finally able to get out and enjoy nature again. Such a hard time of year to be cooped up inside.

    Your spring photos are delightful! I didn't realize that about peonies... we have a couple in our yard that I'm anxiously awaiting to flower. We missed them last year as we were in California visiting my grandson.

    Your crochet is so sweet--perfect spring colors. I hope you have a wonderful second half of May. And I wish you a wonderful birthday--may all your wishes come true! ♥

    1. Thank you for your kind wishes, Carol. I'm feeling much more myself again and physio sessions are doing some good to my back. I did miss two weeks of spring developing though and the new baby leaves bursting forth! Everything is so beautifully spring green now and so many wonderful flowers are in bloom.

      Thank you for your kind birthday wishes. It will be lovely to have a change of scene for one night and a couple of days!

  6. The time seems to move so fast. April has come and gone so quick.

    The flowers are so pretty. I have not seen violas before, well, not with the combination of purple and orange. The peonies are such beauties with their layered petals. You've captured them quite well.

    As late as it it is, I hope May brings you many joy. And Happy Birthday.

    Have a lovely day.

    1. Thank you for your birthday wishes, Lissa! I love the month of May because of all the flowers! It is time to put up another blog post before the month of June arrives!