Bringing Hygge into My Home

Having seen the unusual word of "Hygge" here and there,
I wanted to find out more about it!
Hygge pronounced 'hue-ga' is a Danish term defining
cosiness or snug.
The word derives from a 16th century Norwegian term: 'hugga'
meaning well-being or comforting.
One could say that it reminds us of the English word 'hug'.

Don't you love this little window belonging to the wooden house in the first photo?
It's a candle-holder, a Christmas present from my grandson.
Let's peep through the window and see what's happening in my home!

I always have candles burning during these darker, colder months of the year
especially at the breakfast table and in my living room.

One sure way of making a home feel like home is through cooking
aromatic, colourful and delicious dishes.
Colour and texture are so important, just as much as taste.
These ingredients are going to prepare the dish below.

Roasted carrots and orange, or mandarin slices, tossed in a little olive oil
and flavoured with chile and a little sea salt.
You may like the recipe HERE

Baking too creates the sort of atmosphere that feels homely and snug
when it's cold outside.

Did I really put that much chocolate in these still warm cookies?
Hmmm! I must have done because they were rather
finger-licking good!

Crochet is a hobby that I'm really quite passionate about.
It could be anything I feel like doing: a shawl, a cushion cover, flowers and garlands and perhaps a blanket.

and a front door wreath to welcome my visitors
 and when I come home, it welcomes me too!
I have different wreaths for different seasons.

So however you like to create your own cosy atmosphere, 
remember the things which make us feel good
those that nourish us body and soul!
We learn to appreciate the small joys in life with very little effort.

Slowing down creates a feeling of well-being
and allows us to use all our senses incuding
the diffusion of pure essential oils

Light a candle, put on some favourite music. Something soft and gentle.
The uplifting effect of good quality music is well-known.
One of my favourites is Mozart.

So let's settle in on our couch with our feet on a footstool 
preferably wearing a comfortable lounge-wear outfit,
some thick socks and a hot drink.
Don't you love the robin mug?
It's an appreciated present from my daughter.

For those of us living in apartments and not having the possibility
of lighting a log fire, 
the presence of flickering candles in our home is quite perfect!

I've just ordered this book. 
Isn't the cover charming?
I have heard that the Danish people are some of the happiest people
in the world!

Wishing you hyggeligt (hygge-like) moments in your life!
Turn off you phone
Switch off the computer
Take a good book instead of watching TV
and come back to the simpler life
and feeling snug again!

Happiness is a frame of mind
but we can give it a slight nudge by making a few little tweaks
around our homes to make us feel good.
Others will love it too and feel so welcome when they drop by!


Hygge translations:
English: cosiness, snug, comfortable, to feel cherished
French: douillet, confortable
German: Gemutlichkeit.


  1. A very Hygge post from you Sandra.
    I got that book as a Christmas present because I wanted to know more about Hygge too! ENJOY!

    Hugs, Sarn xxxc

    1. So glad you have that little book too, Sarn! In the meantime, let's create hyggeligt moments!

  2. It definitely makes me think of "hugs!"
    Everything looks so cozy and warm there, Sandra.
    So nice to see, as we await a major snowstorm today and tomorrow.

    1. Lisa, isn't hygge a wonderful word? You'll want to be creating a little snugness at your home with major snowstorms ahead!

  3. I have been reading quite a bit about Hygge online, but have yet to purchase a book about it. It is a concept that I have been bringing into my home for much of my life, but did not know it had a name! Love your cozy, colorful post on a subject which interests me very much!

    1. It's such a nice concept, isn't it, Marcie? Creating warmth, snugness and well-being around us! I think I did this too before I heard the word 'hygge'. I love creating a warm and welcoming environment around me, both for myself and for others. It feels so nurturing!

  4. You introduce me to the nicest things...I love the concept of Hygge as I have always loved making things around me warm and inviting. I even sign both my written and electronic mail with Hugs and blessings....I'd love to sit with you, both in our socks and comfortable clothes, sipping tea and enjoying the Hygge of your home....

    1. So we share the love of making things around us warm and inviting, Nancy! It makes life so much more agreeable, doesn't it!

  5. Nice candle holder from your Grandson! (:

    1. Yes, I really love it! The robin mug is lovely too! Nice to get your comment, Ely!

  6. Sandra, you truly offer a lovely and cozy home. Light and inviting, yummy and charming too. I agree, the candles are a beautiful presence. Thank you for the inspiration.

    1. Thank you Tammie, there's nothing like making a home feel and look'homely'! The winter months are enhanced by what we put into them!

  7. Hi Sandra, a wonderful (as always from you) post and fantastic to look into your home and your thoughts.
    How did you come over the word hygge and the book ? We have the word in swedish too "hygglig" but just "hygge" is danish and norwegian I think. Interesting and beautiful ! All the best "hygge-time" to you :-))

    1. How lovely to see you again, Lasse! I kept on seeing that lovely word 'hygge' and I wanted to understand more about it so did a little research! I found the book, out of many, and I'm waiting for it to arrive!
      So the Swedish word is 'hygglig'. I like it, it sounds like a mixture of hug and giggle and snuggle! That's probably the right feeling. What do you think?!

  8. This is a new word to me, but I like it! I enjoy making our home warm and cozy during the winter: handmade lap quilt across a chair ready for use, thick colorful stockings, mugs of hot cocoa and a fire in our gas stove. Add a good book and I'm set for winter weather!

    1. Winter has such joys to it! I love how you describe your warm and cosy moments!

  9. You have captured the essence of hygge so beautifully here...a feast for all the senses! I may have to order that sweet book

    1. Hi Susan, so nice to have you visit! I do love learning interesting and lovely things about other countries. That little book of Hygge will be arriving any day!

  10. Så mysigt, as we say in Swedish. That's more or less like hygge. How lovely and inviting your home is.

    1. I love all these Scandinavian expressions which describe these feelings of comfort and well-being! Thank you for telling me a new one, Fi!

  11. Nice candle holder and beautirul story about it! Yes, happiness is a frame of mind that can be helpt by making a few little tweaks to make us feel good. And that's what I feel reading your post. Thanks so much for this beauty! Have a lovely weekend! xxx

    1. So nice to have you visit, Anabelia. Thank you for your kind comment! So many folks just don't like the month of January in this part of the world, but it's a perfect time to create all the things we love to do and even enjoy these calmer, more reflective moments after the rush of December!

  12. What a lovely post Sandra! First the gift your grandson gave you is so sweet and the gift of the mug from your daughter is precious.

  13. And I love Mozart as well and I didn't know that the Danish people were the happiest people in the world, and your candles look lovely in the room. And we agree, turn off gadgets and relax with a cup of tea and curl up with a good book! Love this post !!

    1. Thank you for your kind comments, Anna and Liz! I am just about to do a new posting on Slow living. This kind of living is becoming more and more important in our busy and sometimes rushed lives!

  14. I went back to read this one again. I did think I had commented because I remember I said that I loved the little candle holder Aydan gave you. I can imagine that Hygge is the most wonderful word for your little apartment!

    1. Thanks for taking the time of popping back in here, Mary! Yes, that really is such a sweet little 'wooden house' candle-holder. I light it up every evening!
      I think that sometimes comments don't take the first time because it's happened to me occasionally when I visit other blogs.