Revisiting Abstract Photography. Part One

The flowing shapes and restful colours are gentle on the mind
I feel as if I'm floating like a little white feather
which brings me into this abstract scene.

When I see something which takes my breath away,
I know I want to capture it right away.
The precise focus of this image at close range makes it seem even more
abstract to me.
I'm attracted to the texture, to the curves and lines and to the glistening
shining areas.

Sometimes I think I can place or recognize something, 
yet seeing it in a totally different context takes away my certainties.
The light colour blue feels dreamy and the shapes of the white areas
definitely feel 'floaty'.
I feel astonishment, enthusiasm and joy.
I'm in a totally different world when I look at this image.
Am I moving?
Is it moving?
Where am I?

Conveying essence and emotion.
Water is the very source of life.
It could be called the essence of life.
Wherever there is water, there are emotions.
There are tears of joy and tears of many other emotions
like sadness and relief.

This watery jewel I captured above says it all for me.
It radiates from the centre outwards and it touches me deeply.

Removing Labels
allows me to concentrate on colour, texture and shapes
It allows me to go deeper.
I call this image: 'Essence of metal.'
I feel a dynamic energy.

The Essence of Wind
Since we cannot see the wind, but only know of its presence
by what we feel on our skin or what we see moving around us.
Intentional Camera Movement (ICM)
gives a whole new dynamics to the image
creating feelings of movement
which in this case, has created short bursts of energy, imitating the wind.
The colours blend together and the shapes evoke something special.

Eliminating all superfluous details to concentrate
on one particular element
which is the yellow pole and the green circle,
brings a sense of strength to the composition.


Abstract photography has taught me to capture the unexpected
and the details which are often overlooked.
The simplest of subjects in our everyday lives take on new meaning.
Recognizing abstracts has become an exciting new journey
which opens my horizons and takes me beyond my limits.
Suddenly, a whole new world opens up before me.

I shall continue to seek out abstracts because the whole experience
excites my senses and increases my creativity.
I become more daring by thinking outside the box.
I take a step out of my comfort zone 
and see things as I have never seen them before.

It's an exciting journey.


  1. Wow - you have a superb eye! Love love these shots.

    1. Thanks, Fi! It's certainly a different style from landscapes, though sometimes macro is used to bring out the abstract element in everyday subjects.

  2. Very interesting to look at Sandra - a different view of the world. The diamond in the centre of the leaf is so beautiful.

    1. It's rather nice to look at the world from a different point of view sometimes. Abstracts are really fun to spot! Thanks for your comment!

  3. Life is an exciting journey isn't it?
    Stunning photography once again.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

    1. Hello Sarn! I always find that life gives us what we put into it! We just need to plan the journey well!

  4. Lovely photographs, Sandra, especially the intentional movement one.

    1. Abstracts are always unexpected and fascinating, aren't they?!

  5. I am not an abstract person at this point in my journey, but I am fascinated to view others and marvel at what draws them to the capture. I really appreciated your thoughts with each photo. Brilliant!

    1. Thanks, Sarah. I agree that abstract photography can be an acquired taste and not everything attracts me in abstracts. I have to be able to find an aesthetic quality or something which speaks to me of beauty.

  6. These are all special but I think my favorite is the Essence of Wind....Since we can't see wind only the results, your photograph brings the invisible to life.....Thanks for sharing your love of abstract photography. It's a treat for all of when you share.....

    1. Thank you, Nancy. Seeking out abstracts has been a revelation to me, but it is something I visit from time to time and not my main interest in capturing things around me, but certainly an interesting one!

  7. I love all your abstracts! And I can relate to all your feelings and emotions when we really see something without labels, even things we 'see' every day take on new meaning for us when we look at them as an abstract. I should have taken the class again!

    1. These were fun to create, Mary! Recognizing abstracts comes in stages and then it becomes really fun! Being part of a group for four weeks is inspiring and makes the search more dynamic than doing things on one's own. I'm sure this group will be repeated, Mary. In the meantime, you can just be on the look-out!

  8. such lovely images
    full of light, color, texture and your appreciation and now mine

    1. Thank you so much, Tammie. I know that abstracts aren't to everyone's taste, but I have learnt to love recognizing them!

  9. You have an amazing eye for abstracts. I'm still working on mine!! I do like seeing the world differently; seeing the colors, textures, and lines. I also want to continue looking for abstracts. They are fascinating!

    1. Yes, abstracts is all about looking at things differently, sometimes only specific parts of everyday things. Fascinating they really are!

  10. Beautiful abstracts and images Sandra, and when I read about your feelings and emotions it's like reading beautiful heartfelt poems ! Very enjoyable!
    Have a great weekend....

    1. Thank you so much for your visit and kind comments! Abstracts can be so inspiring!

  11. Very nice, Sandra. I enjoyed all of the images, as well as your commentary. I'm a great fan of abstract photography, for all the reasons you state.

    1. So nice to see you again, George! I am glad that you also enjoy abstract photography. It somehow brings in another dimension, doesn't it?