Coming Back to Simplicity

Wheat fields and fluffy clouds

and tender petalled poppies
as I immerse myself in the simplicity of line, colour and texture
and much more...

Little upright red flowers
playing soldiers in a forest of stalks
and striding to a destination only known to them!

Hold an armful of daisies to your heart
Whisper the name "Marguerite" to their yellow centres
and they will smile back at you.

Swish, swish goes the field of wheat
in the galloping wind as I pass by.

The last of the rapeseed flowers
and layer upon layer of green loveliness
tenderly caressed by a pastel-blue sky above the sea of dancing wheat.

The fragrance of the lilac came upon me on the wind
enchanting me when I followed my nose
to discover its hiding place.

Sweet wild growing forget-me-nots
reminding me of those who no longer journey with me, but who reside in my heart.

A last glance towards the farm
nestled among green fields and overlooking the mountains.

The simplest things are the best
as they remind me of the true values of life -
away from the competitive, often superficial and material side
of our existence.

This is the age of reality shows, social networks
of mobile mania
of being the best at everything
and letting everyone else know!

What happened to life in the slow lane
when just being was enough?

Contentment in the moment
because we are actually living it
and not in a state of preoccupation for past experiences
nor galloping towards some unknown future
which doesn't actually exist,  except in our minds!

How do you get back to simplicity?
Do you have your secrets
that you whisper to the wind?

I do!


  1. This is a lovely post. Yes, life is way too fast and simplicity is beautiful and so much more than enough! your post surely shows this, such beautiful pictures of a beautiful world taken for granted as we rush through our lives.

  2. Thank you for taking me out on your very pleasant walk! xxx

  3. Love this post and the questions you raise, and your answer! I also absolutely LOVE that second photo with the red poppies.
    I find that living where I do, spending time on the lake and doing some hiking helps me find that balance in today's crazy world!
    Kate :}

  4. What a beautiful collection of images1

  5. Thanks so much for letting me tag along. Your photos are wonderful :)

  6. To look at your photos and read your words makes me feel grounded in the moment. In my imagination, I, too, can see the wheat, smell the flowers, and gaze at the lush landscape. Your present moments take me away for awhile from my own. I had hoped for a short hike today to search for the elusive Calypso Orchid. However, snow, sleet, and fog have me dreaming about lush fields in Switzerland instead!

  7. What a lovely post and your pictures are so pretty, and look at that blue sky. So lovely :))

  8. A wonderful post, and such lovely photographs, Sandra!

  9. You are a woman after my own heart - being out in nature and appreciating all that she has to offer - what could be finer.

    1. Thank you, Elaine. So lovely to have you as a new follower!

  10. You are not only a wonderful photographer, but a wonderful poet as well. I always love visiting you here. Simplicity is always best...getting back to nature, enjoying the little things that life has to offer. And there's always something about an open field or meadow full of beautiful flowers. Thank you for taking me along, Sandra.

  11. Things have been rather hectic lately and I was so delighted to see your name in my blog list. I know I can always come visit you and your lovely images and words will bring me peace! It worked once again. This morning you've brought me beauty for my eyes, calming winds, daisies to make me smile, and scents that make me breath deep. .

  12. Wonderful images
    remind me of the wheat field in front of my cottage.
    Your words are special to me
    as I was on a journey to simplicity
    and have found it simpler then my past
    but still want it simpler :)
    My young granddaughter's visiting
    with their little hand held phones, computer
    and watching DVD's
    it gives me a headache.
    Sorry to share :)

  13. A wonderful walk with you..and wonderful photos to remember the walk. I share your feelings in loving the simple, ordinary things in life. But technology is a great tool for sharing and seeing the world others see and reading words we would never have come across in the ordinary days of our lives. This was a great post.

  14. Such pretty scenes. I find that walking in the woods is a great way to slow down and disconnect. Either that - or enjoying a glorious sunrise or sunset.

  15. I like to there and run in the field or simply just enjoy the view. wonderful pics. what you said it's true, we are all stuck to our phones and forget there's a world outside. I like to take walks in the park to remind me of this. I guess it helps I do not like using the phone much.

    have a lovely day.

    1. Thank you for visiting, Lissa! It gave me the opportunity of visiting you too!

  16. Wonderful post - again Sandra. Simplicety - enjoy the Nature. But to do that you´ll have to have the right eyes. Not all have that.....

  17. Stunningly beautiful Sandra! I could just sink myself in those daisies. Simplicity is always a good thing and I just love walking where no one else does and smiling to myself around my surroundings. Have a wonderful weekend xx

  18. Oh Sandra, your images are captivating but your thoughts more so. You know that I too am a fellow seeker of simplicity but I think you are ahead of me in that particular 'race'.

  19. Wow simple natural perfection! love it

    xoxo, Juliana | PJ’ Happies :)

  20. Sandra, your photos are sublime. i love them all, yet the grass and flowers, grass and sky with clouds stole my heart.

  21. Enchanting images of your beautiful countryside and flowers! Life can certainly be hectic but one of the best perks of photography is that it allows us to slow down and take notice..I cherish my walks with my camera..that's my way of getting back to simplicity. The social media part can be a overwhelming at times and I think I have a love/hate relationship with it but then again, I have found so much inspiration and friendship...and I wouldn't have met you otherwise!

    1. Thank you Susan. I know exactly what you mean by social media ... and yet all the wonderful connections we make through our blogs is so very lovely!