Going on a journey: England

Flying high in the sky

Once a year, I get this strong feeling inside of me that I need to change my horizons.
 Switzerland has been my adoptive country since my early twenties.
 This country, in the heart of Europe, shares borders with France, Italy, Austria and Germany.
It's very easy to travel to these neighbouring countries
 and it's even possible to do a day's outing to nearby France
or take the train to Milan in Italy.

But when the I choose to take a bigger break, I love going back to England
for that is where I grew up, where my roots are.
So I leave the land of lakes and beautiful mountains

and through the limited view from the hub
I can see the coastline and the sea!
I'm home!

An airport shuttle service from Heathrow airport to Paddington station
and the well-known warning on the platform as you get on and off the train.
Yes, there really is quite a big gap!

Even my suitcase looks full of anticipation !

It's when I see the sleek, black traditional taxi that I really feel as if I'm in my home country!
Now, will the taxi-driver get out to help with a heavy case?
It is rather rare in London!

Going through familiar streets
I can feel the excitement!

What about these trees planted along the top floor?

The taxi turns into a road alongside the British Museum.
I love the bikes for rent all lined up.
This is the Bloomsbury area which is rather peaceful and yet not far at all
from all the places I like to visit.
In ten to twenty minutes I can be almost anywhere I like to go.
The bus service is also excellent.
There are several small parks just minutes away on foot.
It was lilac time early this year and the perfume was wonderful.

Wouldn't you say that this bench is just waiting for me and my book?
Just a little rumble from the traffic in the busier streets further away.
I love the wild and glorious abandon
 of the expanse of bluebells and cow parsley,
sometimes known as Queen Anne's lace.

The Londoners love their parks!

There is no better time to be in England than when the bluebells are blooming
and the lilac perfumes the air on every tiny breeze.
The birdsong is melodious and joyful
and so am I!


  1. Wahooo - HELLOOOOOO Sandra - welcome back to the UK for a little while. A great time of year to come when the bluebells are out. Wish we could have met up - but I'm sure you have lots of people to catch up with and lots of places to go! ENJOY everything with your wonderful outlook on life!

    Hugs Sarn xxx

  2. Dear Sandra, Carry me with you in spirit, please! I'd love to see the greenery and those interesting buildings. What about those trees, indeed! Are they real way up there? Do you still have family in England? Have a wonderful visit. (I'm back in Breck for a few days - so much snow!)

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful vacation, Sandra! Makes me want to visit London again.
    I especially like the charm and design of the couple on the park bench - romantic!

  4. Have an awesome time. I love London and look forward to going back some day with my husband. Love, Love, Love that black taxi cab, so much prettier than ours here in the States.

  5. What fun! London looks charming with its parks, flowers, and interesting architecture. I love the park bench scene, and the classic London cab. And look how your suitcase matches the train! Thanks for sharing a bit of your trip with us!

  6. Ooooh, my home city. Hope you're having a lovely time. There is nothing like London in the sunshine. :)

  7. What a lovely place! Enjoy your visit! I'll be looking forward to more pictures!

  8. you share London so beautifully!
    gorgeous photos, lovely scenes, every thing looks shiny clean!
    So glad you got to visit.
    Sending you a bright smile.

  9. It's so good to see you back again Sandra, I've missed you!
    Thank you so much for such a lovely post with your beautiful pics and observations; do you have difficulty settling down on your return to Switzerland, after your visits to your 'home' country? As I get older it seems the longing for my old country becomes stronger, even though I've lived in Australia more than twice as long as I did in Britain .. .. ..
    Wishing you the very best, Joy x

  10. It was so nice to see you pop up in my reader, Sandra.
    Everything there looks just wonderful.
    Have a fantastic stay!

  11. Oh, lucky you! Your trip sound like a lovely one. Such beautiful bluebells and buildings.

    The words "Heathrow Express" and "Paddington Station" fill me with longing - on our last visit there (4 years ago) we stayed near the Imperial War Museum, and Paddington was within walking distance. Sigh. :)

  12. Hi Sandra, make you want to visit London.....great view of the city. X

  13. Wow, Sandra! This all looks immensely exciting. Well I'm always excited when travellingand even looking at the images of others who travel! And what I love is that your travel photography is as mindful and contemplative as all your other images, with beautiful clean and simple lines and colour. So well observed and composed!

  14. Love your trip to London, I haven't been for a while my husband often catches the train for meetings maybe I ought to hitch a ride ! love your images London is looking so green.

  15. So happy that you are back! But I must say, now I want to hop a flight to London...those gorgeous bluebells are calling my name!

  16. It's not only Londoners who love parks. Those, like me, who have settled in this beautiful city can't get enough of its parks. The other day I was near the area you photographed. I attended a dance class at The Place but prior to that I had a lot of time to kill. I walked from Euston station to Holborn and along the way "discovered" a park with a statue of Gandhi in it. I had never seen it before. This is the beauty of London. It could take someone up to two lives to get to know the whole city. Lovely photos you have posted. I really appreciated them.

  17. Oh wow! Looks like it was a beautiful visit! I loved every photo! They've made me want to visit London again!
    Kate :}

  18. I can feel your anticipation! What lovely shots of England - also my native country.

  19. Oh Sandra I do understand!!!! I've just come back to the States after visiting my mum and family for a week - I cry on the plane as soon as I see England and then I cry when we take off!! So enjoyed your photos

  20. I've never been to England, but you paint such a lovely picture of it. I would like to visit someday. I hope you enjoyed your time away.

  21. How enjoyable taking this trip with you! I hope the taxi driver helped you with your luggage. The flowers are wonderful, and the little trees on the top floor of the building--delightful! There's nothing like home, is there?

  22. The Bluebells are so beautiful.. That car is amazing. All your images sure tell that story and I really want to go to England someday. Lovely.