Let go of labels
let go of the analytical mind!
What do you feel when you look?

Trying to work out 
what something is
limits our perceptions.

Abstract quality.
When our eyes think they recognize what they are looking at.
Leave it be!
Let yourself be carried into a whole new world
away from concrete realities.

Enter into a deeper level and pull back from wanting to call something by a name.
Just go with the flow of the shapes and the colour
and immerse yourself into the subtlety
of what you feel.

Zooming in helps us
to look at just a part of the whole
and to discover that it exists in its own right.

Shapes take on a new feeling
See what you want to see
Feel what you want to feel
without preconception...

When I look at these images
I see beauty
I feel emotion
It is not necessary to know or guess what something is
to be able to feel its essence.
When I pull away
from wanting to know
A knowing is born in me.

Word meaning:
from the latin word: 'abstrare'
meaning: to draw away.
The art of withdrawing or removing something from a source.


  1. Very interesting pictures and thoughtful words Sandra.

    Sarn xxx

  2. Gorgeous and artistic!

  3. Beautiful photos, Sandra!
    Greetings, RW & SK

  4. What an incredible array of abstracts, Sandra! All so different -- each one speaks its own language do beautifully. I really like what you say: "It is not necessary to know or guess what something is to be able to feel its essence." Looking at abstracts is great practice in letting go of wanting to know...and just appreciating what is. I am particularly drawn to the second to last one.

  5. This is a fascinating set of abstracts, Sandra.....really does change one's perceptions. Your idea of feeling the essence of something by drawing it away from its source is very intriguing. Well done!

  6. Beautiful pictures again, I absolutely love the sparkles on the top one!

    S x

  7. A visually gorgeous as well as perceptive post, Sandra (but then, why would I expect anything different?) These photographs pull me right in, no need for labels, I can just enjoy them for what they reveal of light, shape and colour. Beautifully done, and very inspiring.

  8. I like what you say about not labeling things. It helps us to see the images with a new awareness. Wonderful photos!

  9. Sandra, these are wonderfully gorgeous images! truly a delight to see and feel, the colors and light, again a delight.

    i love what you wrote:
    When I pull away
    from wanting to know
    A knowing is born in me.

    this will stay with me a while, thank you ~

  10. Wonder-filled photography and words Sandra, thank you! Joy

  11. What a great post, Sandra, and some really stunning images!

  12. Super images, Sandra! You've really mastered macros and I do love abstracts! For me, abstracts give one the opportunity to enjoy the visual world in a singular, sensory manner. But then again, I'm a HUGE fan of color and separated from having to "know" what something is, we can get lost in the color - form, too. My favs are the second, and the last two (design and fascinating patterns in the 5th and COLOR! in the 6th - exuberant).
    Happy day to you :)

  13. Fabulous picture Sandra.....stunning work enjoy your course
    Hugs x

  14. Wonderful images and wonderful .and wise. words,

  15. I like these creaitns very much.....lovely colors to.

    Greetings and a nice wednesday, joop

  16. I love this Sandra! The words and the pictures! It is funny how it's harder to just look at something without letting your brain categorize what it is... But once you can consciously look for the sake of looking, it opens up a whole new world!
    Kate :}

  17. I am close to speechless here but will manage a few words to say how magnificent and magical these images are! I love how you think and how you write, Sandra!

  18. Good advise, Sandra. Your images are magical, evoking mystery and mood. I am often too literal - I "look" too carefully, using my eyes but not my soul. I love your abstracts.

  19. Ooh, you're torturing us you know - how many of us were looking for a list at the end of the post telling us what each image was! :)

    But you are right. It's fun and liberating and enlightening to zoom in on the tiny details - or pull back for the big picture. What very lovely photos.

    1. No list at the end of the post! This is a visual and emotional ride where not knowing allows us to connect on a different level within ourselves. Life without labels leads us to experience limitless wonder. It's like flying with outstretched wings in an infinite sky!

  20. Brilliant post Sandra. I love your blog !

  21. Wonderful post Sandra, and every word so true :)

  22. Oh my, this is an amazing and beautiful post! I love the variety of your abstract images, but my favorite has to be the first one...such glorious gold bokeh! You just might be the abstract Queen!

  23. Hello Sandra,

    I find your generous expression inspiring
    and revel in its beauty.
    Smiling your way