Reflections and the Art of Seeing

Have you ever noticed that when we take the time
to look at things in the opposite way we normally do,
we are transported into another dimension?

Instead of looking out of my window at urban concrete 
I can go outside in my own neighbourhood
and take in new horizons.

I can create my own picture gallery 
by taking in all the window reflections I can see

Just a few minutes from my apartment
is a wonderful art gallery
with paintings of the season
just for me
and for anyone else who wants to see!

Breathe it all in
See how the light changes
Notice the slight movements the breeze is making.

Reflections are everywhere
and all we need
is to practice
the art of seeing!

Instead of looking at our views from inside out
we can look at them from outside in
and see a completely different world before us!

Thanks to reflections
and changing our point of view!


  1. Nice our reflections photos, Sandra!
    Greetings, RW & SK

  2. Fantastic creations..... i like this post very much

    wish you a nice afternoon and evening.


  3. Such a beautiful art gallery right outside your door, Sandra! Great captures of the seasonal colors. Well done!

    1. An art gallery of paintings for all to fantastic
      Hugs x

  4. Reflections are fascinating, as you have shown. An 'art gallery' is a perfect description. Thanks for sharing this glorious show of colour and light.

  5. YES! I personally love reflections, in windows, puddles, rivers. I find myself liking to look in the mirror to see my rooms backwards, always gives a new perspective to something old. Love your photos!!

  6. Wow, so many great reflections!! I'm reminded of when I was younger and used to hang upside down and picture living in my house with the ceiling on the floor!
    Hope you're having a lovely week!
    Kate :}

  7. You have captured two of my favourite subjects here - trees and reflections. You have some lovely shots here and I can see some lovely clear blue sky too.
    I have finally got back into the land of blogging, my time doesn't seem to by my own since coming home from holiday. Hope you are well Sandra :))

  8. Such wonderful creativity - thank you Sandra, you are an inspiration! Joy

  9. I love to photograph windows, and you have found some real beauties here, Sandra.

  10. Wow! These are stunning reflections of such gorgeous fall colors!

  11. It strikes me that reflection is about seeing in more ways than one...In a reflection, light bounces back to make us see again and slightly differently and when we "reflect" we contemplate or thoughtfully consider in a way that may help us to see differently too. I love your warm fresh images of windows and tree reflections and I especially like the second one because it has a mysterious quality and invites me to go deeper and deeper into it...

  12. Terrific photographs - as always. You are very talented Sandra.

    Sarn xxx

  13. Yup, you're right. It's a strange phenomenon, isn't it? I love your photos.

    Greetings from London.

  14. Yes, indeedy. I love to look at reflected images ... shades of "Through the Looking Glass" I think. It's like another world in there, and a very fascinating one too. Don't you wish you could climb right in to some of those reflections?

    What a stunning header photo!

  15. Fantastic post and magnificent images! I 'm a bit obsessed with photographing windows and these shots with the reflections are like works of art, perfectly framed. A change of perspective is always good!

  16. So true! These shots are gorgeous!

  17. heel mooi en bedankt voor je tips.

  18. Fascinating reflections! I also enjoyed the different window framing that you've scouted out. The different window sashing adds wonderful variations on the theme. My fav is the second image because of its attractive color harmony :)
    Happy weekend to you!

  19. I like YOUR point of view, Sandra. To enjoy all aspects of a scene requires patience and willingness to look beyond the obvious. You were in Nature's Museum!

  20. I adore reflections too, Sandra, and these are gorgeous examples. You're also ahead of yourself for next week in our class. :)

  21. Brilliant post Sandra, and such beautiful images. You are right ... we see so much when we really look :)

  22. Hiya Sandra! Lovely seeing those beautiful reflections through your eyes. I love the art gallery windows.

  23. What beautiful pictures - your photography is just stunning - I love that you take it to the next dimension with the reflections
    Mary x

  24. Marvellous post Sandra!! You sure opened my eyes !