Artistic Blur

Pine tree branch in the snow

This month's Exploring with a Camera exercise is about
Artistic blur!
This is much more difficult than I thought!

The  above effect was created by using a long shutter-speed with a small aperture.

 I also put the camera on manual mode
to create the amount of blur I wanted.
I sometimes  used 'intentional camera movement' 
using the direction in which I found gave
the most harmonious effect.
All the photos were taken with a 50mm f/1.4 lens.

Could this be a gale force wind  in a blizzard?

You can tell in which direction I was moving my camera for this composition.
If you look carefully, you can see the benches and a park lamp.

These first shots were taken in my local park this morning
and it was cold work, so I went inside to warm up 
before a second outing.

How about blurring up a picture
I have in my home?

Then into the bedroom 
to move across the turquoise duvet cover
and the bed spread.

Into the office
to play with the coloured files!

A Mother-of-pearl shell 
in my living-room.

After warming up at home with a hot drink,
I returned to the park to capture this lamp.
Then I noticed some people going shopping with their umbrellas
to protect themselves from the still falling snow.

I like this one of the lady dashing along
down the hill to the shops with her
shopping caddie.

And how about this one with her shopping bag
and cheerful yellow umbrella
creating a scene reminiscent of Impressionist painters?

Kat Sloma
from kateyestudio 
has organized this very interesting
and instructive exercise in photography.
Check out her site and the work of others here:


  1. The one I like the most is the mother-of-pearl

  2. Very special Sandra....i like the colored shots very much.

    Greetings from a cold Holland, Joop

  3. This was a hard exercise for me, too! It took many attempts to get an image I was satisfied with! I love your creativity in these shots and your determination to get out in the cold and snow! The beautiful rainbow of colors in the files cathces my eye! Love the motion of the trees in the "gale force." I also, love the umbrella shots. The spots of color brighten a winter's day!

  4. I can see that you have had fun and there are some great results.

  5. Kudos for trying ICM. It's not easy to get great shots but you have done a wonderful job. That second to last one is just superb!

  6. It is so fun, and it does look like it should be easy but there is a fine line isn't there? I've been practicing this for months and also find that the light of the day can play into it as well. I miss my Christmas tree and the lights, I had sooo much fun painting that with my lens! I love, and adore the last two, especially the one with the red umbrella - beautiful!

  7. Hi Sandra ~ it was fun to see all your ICM experiments! Glad you mentioned how you accomplished some of them. By far, my favorites are the last two. They are wonderful!!! And yes, the French and American Impressionist painters' works do come to mind. I have experimented a little with ICM and it is tricky. It seems our eyes strive to find something to focus upon, thus getting just the correct amount of focus to key into the reality of the scene is often paramount. Are you familiar with the work of the British photographer, Chris Friel? Love some of his ICM pieces.

  8. My favorites are the red umbrella and the tree trunk in park. How fun - I must try it myself!

  9. I love the red umbrella image! It's like an impressionist painting...very nicely done.

  10. What a creative time you had with your camera Sandra! These are all wonderful, and I also love the last two. Have a wonderful week!!

  11. this looks like a very interesting experiment. i really like the 4th and 5th ones.The movement and colors are quite artful. Some of them make me dizzy to look at.

  12. These are terrific, Sandra -- you've really mastered artistic blur! I like the colored files shot, but my fave is the last one -- it has subtlety and wonderful lines, very evocative.

  13. Brilliant some really interesting shots, love them x

  14. These are fantastic, Sandra.
    I really love them all, but I think the lady with the umbrella is my favorite.
    Have a wonderful day!

  15. These are so fun Sandra! I LOVE the one of the duvet and the one of the file folders; the colors are so beautiful and they're just beautiful abstract pieces! I also love the umbrella shots because the blur really works with the weather and feel of the photos!
    Hope your week is off to a great start,
    Kate :}

  16. Great exploration! The red umbrella one is my favorite. The motion gives a very painterly feel but the umbrella and figure is still very recognizable. It's fun to see you kept playing, even when indoors with your warm up. Thanks for joining in with Exploring with a Camera this month!

  17. Hi Sandra, I'm sorry I haven't been to visit for a while -I seem to have fallen a wee bit behind!!!
    Lovely shots - I especially love the one with the red brolly. It's amazing what can be achieved with a camera isn't it.
    Have a good week :)

  18. Not your usual style but I really like what you've done with these, Sandra. The splash of colour makes the second from last especially appealing to me. Those files also make a great abstract. Is the picture you have in your home is a Van Gogh scene? The image struck me as Van Gogh-esque and then I noticed it was a photo of a picture.

  19. Hello Sandra,
    I've just discovered your beautiful blog (via Signed With an Owl). And I'm very glad I did! :-)
    These photos are amazing!!! I want to experiment more with my camera, and you're shots here have really inspred me to get on with it. Thank you!
    Until my next visit.....

  20. These are so fun, Sandra, and lovely as well. The red umbrella shot is my favorite, but they are all works of art.

  21. How do you put your by lines in the picture? Picasa? Picmonkey?