Photo-Heart Connection: March

Standing under the outstretched branches of the chestnut tree,
 I look around me and feel a deep connection to all I see.
Each element before me holds a symbolic message.
I get a wonderful feeling of openness and freedom and yet I feel protected, but not hemmed in, by the branches of the tree. 
Even though the trunk is not visible, the branches, with their upturned tilt,
 encourage me to cast my eyes around me.

The lovely tree shadow in the pebbles tells me that wherever I go 
 I shall always be protected by a discreet presence.
The new leaves unfurling speak of new beginnings
and however many life experiences I may encounter, they are there to help me grow and move forward.

The little ripples on the surface of the water are the ripples on the surface of life which isn't all plain sailing,
but underneath the ripples there is stability and strength.
As I walk across the pebbles, I approach the evergreen trees in the distance
and through them, I feel the promise of continuity.

 I continue my walk on the sunny side of the beach and my eyes are pulled towards the distant horizon
and I am reminded that there are always new possibilities in life 
which become more apparent when I lift up my eyes
 and take in the bigger picture.
Remembering the bigger picture of life gives me more freedom and opens up my limited vision.

Every detail of this scene speaks its silent wisdom to me
 in every possible way. 
I am happy to have seen and heard and understood nature's message.

When my heart is connected to nature,
I am connected to myself.


  1. Good morning Sandra

    A beautiful location and a very nice picture

    nice words to , my compliments.

    I wish you a very happy Easter.

    Kind regards and a hug, Joop

  2. I love your connection to this image and the underlying means you so beautifully describe. Sounds like a special place.

  3. Sandra, what a beautiful photo you have posted! And you have described your connection with is so well. Thank you for sharing it with us. And also thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your kind comments.
    Have a very nice day!!

  4. trekking your blog!!! how tranquil the shore is... nice photo..


  5. Beautiful Sandra! I like how you found a message in every element of this photo. I love the curving lines in the image, they pull me in and through. And your words gave me a guided tour, of the meaning they bring to your heart. "When my heart is connected to nature, I am connected to myself." I see you here!! Thanks for joining in the Photo-Heart Connection.

  6. A beautiful post, Sandra! You describe so well your deep connection to all the elements in your lovely photo. There is such a wonderful tranquility in this image -- I especially love the shadow of the tree on the beach and the shades of blue in the sky and water. You truly are a nature girl!

  7. You shared your insights and connection so beautifully! Both your words and photo drew me in and encouraged me.

  8. Beautiful words and photo Sandra. You have a wonderful way of expressing emotions. Such a touching post.

  9. So much more than a simple walk around the shore!! Your writing is lovely. I like how you included the branches in your photo. It makes me feel almost as if I am standing there, rather than just looking at a pretty scene. This was a perfect post for a heart connection!

  10. Hi Sandra,
    Your words are those of a poet. Beautifully spoken and the perfect descriptive accompaniment to your photo! I particularly like how the curve of the branches is echoed in the shoreline. I think I would really enjoy a stroll along this beach with you! We could bring our cameras, too :)
    Hope your weekend is filled with happiness!

  11. What a wonderful post Sandra, your picture is lovely - if I was standing there I feel I would want to take a really deep breath to drink it all in. So beautiful.
    You have such a great way with words - very descriptive. Thanks for sharing your picture and thoughts. :))

  12. This is just beautiful Sandra, and what a great Photo-Heart connection!

  13. Sandra,
    I agree with others who have commented here. Your image and words are just fabulous, a great photo-heart connection.

  14. i love your reference to the horizon and all the possibilities it holds. such a beautiful photo, made all the more so with your sharing your connection through your words. wonderful!

  15. I love the intricate pattern the tree is leaving on the ground. Beautiful!

  16. i love your image Sandra especially the shadows of the tree & i love what you wrote of the ripples 'The little ripples on the surface of the water are the ripples on the surface of life which isn't all plain sailing,
    but underneath the ripples there is stability and strength' & of the horizon too. It's lovely to visit you here x