The Coolness of Water

During these days of extreme heat in this part of the world,
it always feels so refreshing to contemplate water.
It doesn't matter if it's the sea or a stream, a lake or a small pond.

Going down to the lake always makes me feel good, 
especially in the calmness of the early mornings
or in the early evenings before sunset.
Sailing boats add to our feeling of peace as they glide along

and the early evening lighting, 
which is often called the Blue Hour,
is particularly beautiful.

After posting almost every day during the month of July,
it felt very strange not to continue to do this in August!
lots of events are taking place this month and I won't always be at home.

I will be doing one more posting over the weekend and then I am going away for a few days.

I hope you are keeping cool if you're visiting from this part of Europe!


  1. Lovely reflections and a pretty evening scene.

    1. The lakeside in the early evening before sunset is always very beautiful. Thank you.

  2. Ahhh coolness . . . what a joy that would be. We are forecast 29 degree heat today, but I am willing to bet they increase that to at least 30!

    Still - I AM enjoying the sunshine!

    Hope you enjoy all the lovely events you have planned. I'm guessing the wedding event is one of them. May the day be blessed.


    1. 3 August 2018 at 13:18
      Thanks so much, Sarn! I'm sitting here perspiring profusely and it's 33C here today. Unbearable as far as I'm concerned! Glad to hear you at least are enjoying the sunshine. The UK is getting a hotter than usual summer, isn't it?

      I'm going to go down to the lake later this afternoon to spend some time with the family over from Canada for the wedding! We all leave on Monday for the mountains!

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  4. Beautiful reflections and shades of blue I can see in your today post, Sandra. I'm agree, blue color and water have always the power to temper our spirits when the weather is as unusually hot as it's now. And the lakeside looks so peaceful in all your photos! Have a great resting days! 💕🍃🌸🍃