A Heart-Shaped Day

Heart Shapes are always lovely to create and I love to make mine in crochet. 
This one is attached to a small branch of cherry blossom.
The pretty pattern comes from

I made another one in pink which is next to my Sonny Angel doll
dressed in cherry blossom clothes.

I received these beautiful pink and red roses in a bouquet
which tempted me to make a garland of mini hearts!
There's something special about anything heart-shaped, don't you think?

We have had many sunny days this month and I have been enjoying them to the full.
I liked this little leftover leaf from autumn, still hanging onto the branch.

Now I have to take you for a walk along the lake. I have been there several times
in the last week and the lighting has been perfect.

The mountains were slightly misty and the lake was a lovely shade of blue.

A slight breeze ruffled the surface of the water.
and there have been fresh snowfalls.

The bright sunshine created a myriad of sparkles on the surface of the water.
I was so glad that I was down by the lake that day.

What peace on this particular day.
I walked a lot and sat on a bench for a while, soaking up all the beauty and peacefulness.

We can see the tower of the hotel and restaurant called Le Château d'Ouchy.

I really enjoyed observing two Great Crested Grebes doing their courtship display

It was all quite enchanting

If you would like to see a short video clip of them doing their dance.
You will see it HERE

I always find this sailing boat very elegant.

Another small boat and a pretty misty background shrouding the base of the mountains.

Sunbursts and sparkles on the water after a night of rain.

I've joined a group of photographers to practice self-portraits
and our challenge of the week was to take reflections.
Hello to you all!

The first spring flowers are starting to appear.
The Snowdrops and darling little Violets, winter-flowering Viburnum and Primroses.

Two hearts for you for Valentine's Day!

We are in for a mostly rainy week, but we have been so spoilt with sunshine
and we must be happy for the flowers and the whole of nature
who need rain as much as they need sunshine.


Remember to click on the photos to see them in a larger size.


  1. Thanks you for the hearts!!

    Hope you’ve enjoyed your day.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

    1. Thanks, Sarn. It rained today, but it didn't stop me getting out and about!

  2. Lovely hearts, but those lake photos, stunning!! I live in the American southwest desert and your lovely photos are always refreshing. Jane

    1. Hello Jane, how lovely to have you visit! So glad that you joined me on my lake walks! They were refreshing as there was often a lovely breeze blowing!

  3. Great Idea for joining a group of photograpers! You are such a talented photographer and should continue with your beautiful views and art. Photography is a form of expression and art and your have the talent for it!

    1. Thank you for coming in today and for your kind comments. Yes, photography is a form of art and one which I just love to know more about. We never stop learning!

  4. Your crocheted hearts are lovely, Sandra! I especially like the little string of them that you created to display with those beautiful flowers. Thank you for such a lovely walk today--there is nothing more soothing than walking by a peaceful lake in my mind (well sitting and looking out over mountains is high in my book, too!). Your self-portrait is so cute :) Hope you enjoy the second half of February ♥

    1. Thank you, Carol. So glad you like the crocheted hearts! The lake is always such a lovely place to walk. I love the different moods which take place there, according to the weather!

  5. Hello Sandra,
    As always I really enjoyed your blog post. I often come back and re-read a couple of times, your words are always positive and uplifting and your photographs are stunning. The crochet is beautiful, thank you for the link to the pattern website. I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures from your area as we move into spring. Christine

    1. So lovely to have you visit, Christine. I'm so glad you enjoyed visiting. Yes, as the weather warms up, there will be more photos of the area in which I live. In the meantime, crochet projects are keeping me busy!

  6. You are good with crochet and taking pictures and a lovely lady too.
    Have a nice Sunday afternoon,
    Miriam has

    1. Lovely to see you, Miriam. Thank you for your kind comment. It's a windy Sunday afternoon, but sunny with partially blue skies.

  7. Oh Sandra, your crocheted hearts look marvelous! Thank you very much for sharing them. Amazing and splendid pictures in blue, dear! Have a wonderful day! 💗 🌿 🌸 🌿

    1. How lovely to have your visit here today! I loved your heart pattern and the two last ones are simply the first two rounds of your pattern! So glad you enjoyed the lakeside photos too!

  8. Big hug for you in this...crazy... strange...absurd...sad...bad... moment of the history...
    Have a nice Woman's Day,

    1. Thank you, Miriam for popping in again and for your wishes for Women's Day! I have all the photos ready to do a new posting today! ;)

  9. This post is near and dear to my heart! Very nice, Sandra!

    1. Thank you, Astri! Yes, there are many little hearts here!