On Remaining Positive

Here we are in the second month of a new year.
Not much has changed.
The pandemic is still rampant worldwide
and we need to find every way possible to remain positive and safe.

Having colourful plants and flowers in our homes is certainly very uplifting.

Going for daily walks, whatever the weather.
Good for our minds and bodies.
I particularly liked walking in the snow when it came!

This was an invigorating walk alongside the torrent in my neighbourhood.

This part holds a plantation of trees sold at Christmas time.

This map shows where the water takes it source as a small stream way above the town,
it gets wider as it travels down towards the lake. It runs over a distance of 8km.
Right now it takes the form of a torrent  because of melting snow
and plenty of rainfalls.

I tend to look up quite a lot of the time during my walks, searching for mountain tops
between the buildings and sometimes a single bird on a tree
makes us feel joyful and glad to be alive!

The winter-flowering Viburnum is looking so lovely and springlike.

So pretty when seen close-up

This one too against a background of grass which I used for my February header.

As I was coming back home from this particular walk,
I had a sweet brief encounter with a young lad, of about nine or ten, on his skateboard.
He looked up with a smile and said: "Hello!" to my silly masked face!
What a darling...
It made my day!
"Hello", I said back to him!
Human connection
is everything!

It's good to remember this and also think of initiating it too!

Reading is something that I have been doing even more of lately.
I've just started this book.
Reading brings us out of ourselves
out of our minds
out of possible ruminations about things.
It certainly opens our horizons.

I've been making these crochet hearts.
I just need one more before I make them into a garland.

The first hyacinth bud opening on my four hyacinth bulbs in a little box

Here they are opening more and more flowers in the morning sunshine

I love taking macro shots of these tiny blooms

I like the touch of green still on the unopened bud.

A Swarovski crystal star hanging in front of a Christmas card
brings in some joyful colour.
I still have the cards from my children and grandson on display.
They make me feel happy!

Cooking and trying out new recipes is also a way of remaining positive.
The photo above shows my individual apple and cinnamon mug muffin.
It's made with almond and coconut flour.

Baking bread has been part of my life for a long time, but when I swtiched
to eating gluten-free, it became more of a challenge.
I finally found a mixture of flours which worked
and here is my latest loaf, still warm from the oven.

Cloud gazing.
I see an Easter bunny jumping over the clouds in the lower centre.
I feel sure you can see him too!

The first tiny Narcissus opening in my box of spring bulbs!
We only need to look at nature to be reminded that life carries on
whatever else is happening around us.

Let's remind ourselves each day of all the positive things in our lives,
despite Covid-19.
I had my first vaccination in January and will get the second in three weeks' time.
The only way to stop this virus from continuing to spread is to get vaccinated.
In the meantime, we continue with our masks and hand hygiene and social distancing.

The most challenging part for me, and for many others also living alone,
is the lack of social contact.
Giving phone calls to friends in a similar situation is helpful.
Keeping in regular touch with family members is so important too.

I hope that you are finding lots of things to remain positive in your own life.

- the daily walks
- reading good books
- watching uplifting films and documentaries
- cooking and trying out new recipes
- phoning or writing to friends and family
- if you have hobbies, do them...
I love doing crochet, crafting and photography
and buy yourself some flowers!
All the tiny things we can do make a world of difference!

Now all I have to do is practice what I'm saying here!


  1. Looks like you're already practising the things you mentioned Sandra.
    Keep up the good work.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

    1. The weather - so much rain, has been a deterrent for getting out as much as I would like - and that sometimes makes the days seem so long!

  2. I so enjoyed your positive post, Sandra, as well as all of your beautiful photos. The flowering winter vibernum in your header is lovely... I never knew there was such a thing. Our white vibernum flowers in the spring and is so fragrant and delightful. You enjoy the same hobbies as I do--baking, reading, and needlework. I enjoy taking photos, too, but my rapidly aging iPhone just doesn't take good ones these days. Time for an upgrade?

    So glad you got your first vaccine. I go back on the 22nd for my 2nd. We will still have to be extra careful, but I feel like the veil is beginning to lift :) Have a wonderful week ahead ♥

    1. Thank you, Carol. As you know, I prefer crochet to needlework. Yes, it sounds as if your iPhone could do with an upgrade. I got a new older model last year. I never get the latest one!

      So glad you got your vaccine too. I go back for my second two days after you!

  3. Wonderful suggestions to keep positive! I love all your flower pictures, especially the macro ones! So many amazing details! You have the most interesting places to walk and take pictures. I know you enjoyed walking in the snow! Glad you're getting your second vaccine soon. The more vaccines give, the sooner this virus will be controlled!

    1. Thank you, Cathy. Macro photography was my first love! As the weather improves and we get more sunshine, I shall be out and about more and be able to take scenery shots again!

      Yes, I agree about everyone getting the vaccine if we want to control this virus from taking over our lives for even longer.

  4. Great post Sandra ! We really need to be and act positiv now. Your words are accompanied with beautiful photos. Glad you have received your first vaccin, I am still waiting for mine.

    1. Thank you, Lasse. Yes, we need to approach the present situation with a positive attitude because it changes the way we feel! With the spring coming, we can get out more often and for longer periods. Walking in nature does wonders, doesn't it!

  5. Hi Sandra! Great post! Love your positive words....."Let's remind ourselves each day of all the positive things in our lives, despite Covid-19." ...everyone needs to be reminded these days. xoxo

    1. Thank you for popping in here! Yes, we need to keep our spirits up and find every way we can to do that! I go for my second vaccination this week, so that is something positive. It will take a while for everyone to be vaccinated, even in tiny Switzerland with 8.7 million inhabitants.