Winter Walks and Crochet

The beautiful snow came - and I took my little red star for a walk!

The snow-plough pushed the snow to the side of the paths
It was firm and crunchy underfoot.

A few brave leaves still clung onto to the otherwise bare branches
and we got a blue sky that day.

I go for walks every day and was happy to see these baubles and garlands
still decorated a tree in someone's garden.

I finished my Temperature Blanket.
Each two-row square represents the coldest and the warmest temperature of each day.
There are 361 squares and five rows of the border
which make up the 366 days of 2020.
A Leap Year!

A few extra shots to show different aspects.
On the left we can see the colder days of the year,
they corresponded to December 2020.

The way this one is folded, we can see the warmer days.

Here we can see the winter, spring and summer.
I've never crocheted anything over a whole year before.
Sometimes, I didn't feel like doing it, especially during the summer,
but I'm glad I saw it through until the end.
It tells a colour story!

What I love about the month of January is that spring flowers can be found in the florist's shops.
Tulips are a great favourite and these deep pink ones with green stripes
were really beautiful.

Down to the park Mon Repos
to enjoy the tall trees and nature.
The fountain had icicles around it.

They were shining in the sunlight.

Some of them had broken off.

The red berries on the holly are always a welcome sight

Tall trees in the park against a sky of blue.

My little box of Hyacinths will soon be coming into flower

I've taken down the Christmas decorations to create a feeling of spring in my home.
A fresh dark pink cloth and a crocheted Mandala which I made sometime ago.
Tender pink tulips to complete a new look
and my Kindle e-reader which I've decided to use much more
as I already have far too many books and all my bookshelves are overloaded.

Let's keep our spirits up in going for regular walks, good reading
and uplifting films and documentaries.
Flowers in the home bring in some colour and beauty too.



  1. Your temperature blanket is stunning. Thanks for sharing all the other photo's too. Xxx

    1. Thanks, Sarn. I'm glad I managed to stick with the blanket the whole year through!

    2. yes your blanket is beautiful, so glad you continued to finish it. thanks for sharing your project♥

  2. Thank you, Susan. I'm glad you enjoyed seeing the Temperature Blanket in its finished state!

  3. You are a master of crochet Sandra :) ! Lovely handicraft !! ...and you have finally got some snow, that's nice !

    1. I'm so glad you like the crocheted piece, Lasse! Yes, it is a lovely handicraft to do and it quickly becomes a passion, like photography! Yes, we have more snow than last year and I like that!

  4. I like the little red star - it looks so nice against the white. Your temperature blanket looks so good. That tulip shot is beautiful. Everything you share always brighten my day, thank you.

    Have a lovely day.

    1. Thanks so much for your kind comments, lissa! I'm glad that your day was brightened because of your visit here!

  5. I was just thinking about your temperature blanket last week and here it is all finished! It's beautiful! I love your bright red star out in the snow! And, yes, even though times are difficult, let's keep ourselves occupied to lift our spirits!

    1. So nice to see you, Cathy. Yes, there is much we can do to occupy ourselves, but the feeling of isolation is still there when you live on your own. At least I can get out walking every day to get away from my four walls!

  6. Oh, your temperature blanket is just so beautiful, Sandra! Congratulations on sticking with it even during the warmest summer temperatures. Love your little red star and all of your nature photographs as usual. The pink tulips are so lovely--I received some fresh flowers (roses and hydrangeas) from my youngest son for my birthday, and, my, they do brighten up a room. Hope you have a good week ahead!

    1. Thank you, Carol. Glad you liked the blanket. I am glad that I managed to stick with this year-long project! Yes, flowers and plants do brighten up our interiors at this time of the year, don't they! I'm happy for you that you received flowers from one of your sons for your birthday!

  7. all your photos are lovely.
    your temperature blanket is so pretty. So you!
    I find I want to understand your coloring. Did you choose each color for the temperatures? And when you write: Each two-row square represents
    I see squares, but I am not sure what each two-row means. It's ok if there is no better way to explain it. It is lovely.

    1. Thank you, Tammie. I'll explain the temperature blanket. The centre of each small square is the lowest temperature of the day, the second and middle part of each individual square is the highest temperature and the white is just a neutral joining yarn.

      On the first picture of the whole blanket, we can see the mauves and purples, then the greens and yellows as the temperatures get warmer and finally the pinks, reds and oranges in the summer, then going down again to less warm colours and back to the mauves and purples again at the end of the year. The blanket is worked on the diagonal, that's why the colours sweep sideways the way they do.

    2. Thank you for taking the time to explain. It is so beautiful, reminiscent of a color chart with paints. Are you the one who decided to use certain colors for certain temperatures? Or maybe it is just a known thing, cool and warm colors? I can only guess that you are quite pleased with the outcome, but also in completing a year long task.

  8. Thanks for popping back to comment, Tammie. Yes, I was the one who chose the colours according to the temperatures. I have a vast selection of different coloured yarns. Each colour represents two degrees! Yes, the end result is rather pleasing! Now I have all sorts of ideas of new projects (and also to finish some older ones put on hold!) I'm just finishing off a new project now which will be a garland for the month of February! I don't have enough days to do all the things I love doing!

  9. Your temperature blanket looks beautiful Sandra. Unfortunately I don't think I will ever finish mine. I was unwell for much of last year and fell behind, eventually I even stopped recording the temperatures, so now I do not know how to finish it.

    1. Thank you, Catherine. I was so sorry to hear that you were unwell for so long last year. However, I know there is a way of checking out past temperatures with a little research on Google. That way you could finish your blanket if you cared to.

  10. Your blanket was worth the work! it is an heirloom with a story. I love the snow photos and flowers, too!

    1. Thanks very much, Sandy. Yes, the blanket does have a story! It has been lovely having some snow, now it's turning a bit warmer with rain!