As Autumn Winds Down

On this last day of November, we can already feel winter knocking at our doors,
but before we let in the new season, let's look at the last images of late autumn.
These pretty seedpods are hangking on a Lime Tree.

Dried hydrangea heads in a soft pastel coloured setting.

I do love Spindle berries and their leaves which turn colours so harmoniously.

The bright pink and orange go so well together.

A crane has been erected in my neighbourhood.
A new building is going up. Thank goodness the trees remind us to keep the balance
with their presence in the town.

One day, the sky was a whiteish colour 
and it did show the colour of the Maple leaves so well.

A walk down to the park, allows us to capture the very last Beech leaves
before they all fall.

as well as these burnished beauties in a protected area.

The beautiful Chrysanthemum urns are coming into full bloom
but we can see that the alley of Beech trees is now devoid of leaves.

The flower beds are covered in pine branches
to protect the spring bulbs that have been planted.

These bright, dark pink blooms are very cheerful

The lighter pink ones are lovely too.

The Folie Voltaire café is closed for the winter months,
but in the warm season, it's lovely to sit outside under the chestnut trees
and enjoy something to eat and drink.

Back in my neighbourhood now to capture the last shots of November.
A fallen leaf has fallen into a laurel bush and catches the sun.

A Cosmos flower still blooms in the afternoon sunshine and 
entices a bee for its last collection of pollen.

One of the last Anemones still blooming in a neighbouring garden.

A pink sunrise in my street as I left home to do my early morning shopping

A fallen leaf gets caught in the pointed holly leaves 
as autumn winds down and graciously accepts the arrival of winter.
We are now getting night frosts and the days are getting colder.
Tomorrow will be the first day of December!


  1. Fantastic photo's, as ever.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

    1. Thank you, kind Sarn! Now it's starting to feel more like winter and we had snow flurries this morning!

  2. Wonderful photos from November ! ....and I can see that you are a bit south from me because of the wonderful blooming flowers ! All the best, Lasse

    1. Thank you, dear Lasse! Some flowers are still managing to bloom, but the snow flurries last night will encourage them to go to sleep for the winter months!

  3. Sandra, I always say the same things in my comments, because your photography just blows my mind. You are incredibly talented. Do you show and sell your work in galleries? You can not be this talented and not be making a living at it.

    1. What a lovely comment, Connie. Thank you! No I don't show or sell my work, but I have been encouraged to make books of my photography - which I haven't yet done. It could be a good project to do next year!

  4. You still have such beautiful colors in your neighborhood! I've never seen Spindle berries. Who would have thought that pink and orange would be so gorgeous together! Nature never gets it wrong, does it? I'm afraid winter is arriving and quickly. Although I love the cold and even the snow, I will miss the colors of autumn!

    1. Yes, there is still some colour around, though most oif the leaves are on the ground now. I just love spindle berries and their pretty autumn leaves.
      Yes, winter is arriving quickly here too with snow forecast tonight and tomorrow!

  5. Amazing, the difference in our worlds, Sandra! We had five inches of snow and everything is covered with frosty beauty. I love seeing all the colors you still have there and those chrysanthemum urns make a stunning sight. I've not heard of spindle berries, but they sure are pretty. Hope you have more lovely walks this weekend ♥

    1. Thank you, Carol for coming in to say hello! Your first comment came through perfectly. I had to turn on comment moderation as I was get spam.
      So you're in snow mode and as I write, we are suddenly getting a snowfall too! It's quite wet snow, but it's certainly settling and I shall look forward to seeing what has happened during the night!
      The chrysanthememum plantations have been gorgeous this year and took over from the trees as most of the leaves dropped to the ground.

  6. Hello Sandra, You have shared a lovely collection of photographs, glimpses of the world through your heart and lens. Is that first photo of a eucalyptus? We had those in California, but not here in Montana, not that I know of. I love all your autumn colors and your photos with leaves with a back drop of sky in various colors. Lovely evening to you.

    1. Hello Tammie. So lovely to have you visit. The first photo of this series is of Lime Tree seedpods hanging gracefully like drop earrings!