Mountains, Relaxation and the River

Towards the end of August, it seemed the perfect time to take a little break.
We chose to go to a place we have been before: Lavey-les-Bains
in the Valais. It's a spa establishment which offers different treatments.
The water in the various pools is naturally heated and has curative properties.
It's less than an hour away by train from Lausanne.

The Rhône River runs in the valley in-between two mountain ranges.
We took this meandering path to enjoy the sights.

The waters are very rapid even though the level of the water was very low
due to lack of rain.

This is the view of the tip of a mountain called the Dent de Morcles.
I took this shot from the bridge to get a more extensive view.

It looks very impressive in a silhouetted form against the blue of the sky.
Don't you think it looks like a big bird stretching its wings?

Or with just the illuminated tip showing at sunset.
We experienced some beautiful clouds in the early morning and and in the evenings.

A crescent moon peeps through the branches of a pine tree in front of the hotel room.

More colourful clouds reminding me of unfurling waves.

The hotel is set in a lovely park full of trees offering us welcome shade.

A closer, partial, view of the hotel with the outside terrace for eating.

This wispy cloud in the shape of a heart brings me joy.

I took so many photos during our little getaway that this will be the first part
of several blog entries, probably three in all. 

I feel it's preferable to make shorter entries with a manageable number of photographs. 
I'll be posting a bit more often.

September is round the corner.
I love the cooler days and beautiful lighting during this month.


  1. Super pictures of your trip. Looks a lovely place to stay.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

    1. Thanks, Sarn! It is a really great place for a mini stay and I do love being so close to nature as well!

  2. Beautiful pictures of your getaway. All of a sudden it's turned autumn here, it's grey and rainy and cold. Even though I thoroughly dislike the summer heat, I feel sorry to see summer go already.

    1. Many thanks, Marie-Lucienne. We had a short cold spell, but now it's warming up again very gradually. We have broken the cycle of heatwaves for this year! I do love autumn very much, but I shall miss the light in the early mornings and the evenings!

  3. What a gorgeous way to wind down your summer, Sandra. As you may have read, the mountains are my "happy place" so I can never see too many photos of them. I especially loved the one very the very top is bathed in the light of the setting sun! But, truly, all of your photos are breathtaking.

    We've had virtually no rain here all summer so things aren't green and pretty. The leaves are already drying up and falling off the trees! I wish you a wonderful new month ahead, Sandra! ♥

    1. It was a lovely little break, Carol. We were surrounded by rather high mountains, but we weren't actually in them, but the views were certainly lovely. I'll be showing more of them this month!
      We had a very dry spring here so some autumn rain would be good for nature. Thank you for coming in to say hello!

  4. Wonderful to see your pics and to walk with you around your great country!
    Thanks for showing.

    1. Lovely to see you here, Lasse. Thank you for coming in to say hello!

  5. That first shot is wonderful. Love seeing the clouds running amok.

    Love that cloud heart shot. So maybe I also see an angel flying by but it's great.

    Have a lovely day.

    1. Thanks, Lissa. Clouds are so expressive, aren't, they? They change all the time both in colour and in shape. Yes, that last cloud is lovely, I agree and it could also be an angel flying - or anything else we can imagine it to be!

  6. What a lovely place to stay. You know my favorite photo is the heart-shaped cloud. I've often searched for one, but so far haven't seen one. I'll just have to keep looking.

    1. It is beautiful here, Cathy. I know how you love hearts and I thought you might like the soft, wispy, heart-shaped cloud!
      Thank you for visiting!