Snow Flurries and Life at Home

Despite the winter months, cold winds and snow flurries,
tiny viola flowers still bloom in a sheltered spot on my balcony near the kitchen.
I occasionally pick a few to enjoy within my home.

I did go out for a walk one day after a light snowfall and loved the powdering of snow
on the leaves.

A short burst of swirling flakes looked so pretty.
I took this photo from my balcony.

One shopper walked home briskly with her red umbrella.
To see a real snowstorm, go back to 2016
when we had an amazing amount of snow

The blue fairy didn't get put away with the other Christmas decorations.
She's a graceful presence on my little round table.

Potted plants bloom in my living room.
This lovely hyacinth which is still part of the New Year's arrangement that
I showed in my first blog post of the year.

a new Amaryllis bud started to open

... and today all the petals have unfolded.

I've been inventing new and delicious salads
This one is a mixture of lamb's lettuce (rampon in French).
avocado, crunchy Topaz apples, Cheddar cheese and red bell pepper.
Sprinkled on the top are a mixture of ground seeds:
flaxseed, pumpkin seeds, chia and sesame seeds.
I like my dressing simple: Rapeseed or olive oil, a little mustard and lemon juice.

This is also the perfect time of the year to enjoy colourful crochet patterns,
like these popcorn flowers in happy colours.

In these winter months, there are plenty of lovely things to enjoy.
Colour is very important when it's grey outside
and trying out new, healthy recipes.

I hope that you're also finding some joyful colour in your life!


  1. Your flowers are a delight - I love those tiny violas. And beautiful shots of the snow.

    1. Thanks, Fi. Those tiny violas are such a joy!

  2. Wow - we've yet to experience any snow this winter. Love your snowy photo's (and all the others of course!). Your salad looks delicious and the little Violas and the blue angel are so wonderful.

    Have a lovely day my friend.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

    1. Always so nice to hear from you, Sarn! Our snow was washed away in the rain! January is a perfect month for doing snug things at home and getting some good reading in too!
      I hope you are well and happy!

  3. I agree, color is important when it is grey outside. Your salad looks delicious, and colorful. Flowers inside help to brighten things up too, yours are beautiful. I would keep your blue fairy out, so cute. Stay warm.

    1. Thanks so much, Michelle! Flowers are wonderful to have at home during these winter months. I'm staying warm and snug, thank you!

  4. Sandra, this is such a beautiful post. Love the photo of the lady and her red umbrella. That and your popcorn flowers . . . they are so pretty.

    1. Many thanks, Connie! I love watching people pass by in the snow!
      My popcorn flowers give me the colour I love to see in these winter months!

  5. Instead of the 6” of snow we were expecting over the weekend, we got nearly 10, so your color-filled post brightened my day! Your flowers are gorgeous, and your salad looks delicious. Are you making something with your pretty popcorn flowers?

    1. You got more snow than you bargained for! We have had so little and it doesn't stay for long as it's not cold enough! I always need colour and flowers in the winter months. They really make us feel good, don't they?
      As for the popcorn flowers, I like to make garlands, window hangings, wreaths and I'm thinking of making an actual picture behind glass of some of my crochet! I just need to find the right sort of frame!

  6. Lovely salad Sandra! Love your blue fairy on your table and the tiny viola blooms. We don't have any snow yet but it may come soon! WE agree that colour is better than grey outside.
    Ps. we will be posting more healthy salads this year! Hope you will try them!

    1. Thanks so much. I'm really into soups and salads these days! Yes, colour is wonderful to have about the home at this time of the year! I'll be looking out for your new healthy salad recipes!

  7. I love the snow pictures! What a bright spot to see the shopper with the red umbrella! Also, love your flowers, both real and crocheted! Stay warm!

    1. Many thanks, Cathy. Flowers are a real joy in the winter months! Colourful crochet work keeps me happy too!

  8. You are so right, Sandra--color is a must in these long winter months. We have a fresh snowfall this morning and everything looks so peaceful and clean. I wish it looked like this all year rather than the gray, mush that whiteness eventually turns into :)

    Love your beautiful flowers--especially your amaryllis and lovely crocheted blooms! Amaryllis are so striking. I really should buy some bulbs next year...

    Have a relaxing Sunday and a wonderful week ahead ♥

    1. How lovely to have some fresh snow! It always looks so pretty right at the beginning!
      Amaryllis are beautiful plants to have at this time of the year! I like to get them every year around Christmas time. So lovely to have you visit, Carol!