Where Does Inspiration Come From?

Tiny angel decorating a heart-shaped jewellery container
a gift from my grandson.

Inspiration is not something that can be forced.
Sometimes it comes through something we may see.
It grows and unfolds within us in moments we do not choose at all.

We look and look and cannot see..
and yet the treasures lie within
waiting to manifest themselves.

Inspiration can be as elusive  as a shadow on the wall.
Fascinating and yet fleeting.

Being in nature is certainly inspiring
as we observe the beauty all around us in the tiniest detail
like this lovely lichen on a tree trunk.

Flowers inspire me to take photographs and stimulate my creativity

Their fresh bright colours are especially welcome during the winter months.

Pansy rescued from my window-box just as it was starting to snow.

It could be said that inspiration is rather like the growth of a flower,
starting from a tiny seed in the earth
which grows and is nurtured and blossoms
and cannot be contained
It simply has to come into being.


The ancient Greeks thought that inspiration came from the Muses.
The Muses are the inspirational goddesses of Literature, Science and the arts 
in Greek Mythology.
They were considered the source of the knowledge embodied in the poetry,
lyric songs and myths that were related orally for centuries in these ancient times.


  1. I seem to find inspiration from photographs and the subject doesn't really matter and of course from others. You're right inspiration seems to bud and come to fruition in it's own time and place. Isn't it wonderful to watch it bloom. Your tulips are gorgeous...I hope you're having a lovely day...

    1. Hi Nancy! Inspiration can be nudged in many visual ways and yet the true growth and power bubbles up from within us!
      Yes, tulips are really lovely flowers to have in our homes. I really liked the mixture of these two colours together!

  2. I agree inspiration can be fleeing, or at times it could bug me until I actually do what it is asking of me, or...it is no where to be found. When I am holding a camera in my hand, in front of flowers, I can be sure to find inspiration. Your flowers photos are beautiful. Have a great week!

  3. So nice to have you pop in here, Michelle. We can have inspiration for all kinds of things, I wasn't thinking exclusively of photography, but it could be included too, of course. It is true that I always enjoy taking photos of flowers. Thank you!!

  4. Inspiration is a fickle muse, but when she is with you, she is with you all the way.

  5. So true - you never know when inspiration will strike! Lovely shots too.

    1. Thank you, Fi. Inspiration can't be forced, it's something that happens often when we least expect it!

  6. For me, inspiration needs to be sought and nurtured. I need to be open to it, ready for it. I hate to think of how much inspiration can pass me by when I move through my days unaware. I love your tulips--a shot of spring cheeriness on a gray day. And I love lichen. I think it's the stuff of fairies.

  7. Thank you for your comment, Susan. Those tulips were so lovely and the mixed colours just seemed to work. I agree with you about lichen. Definitely connected to fairies!
    Inspiration is something rather wonderful to experience, isn't it?

  8. Lovely images that you have captured and shared with us.
    I enjoy the crisp clarity of your style.
    So sweet is the gift from your grandson.
    I have been photographing lichen too. Often it looks like a wash of color on wood until I get it on my computer... wow, so much detail and life.
    Thank you for watching the birds bathing....

    1. Thank you, Tammie Lee. Lichen is so beautiful in nature.
      I loved watching the birds bathing. It's so lovely to hear them sing to in the mornings!

  9. You are so right, inspiration cannot be forced. I often find inspiration when I least expect it, often in nature. Colors inspire me, and trees.
    I love the image of the tree bark with the lichen. Fabulous.

    1. So nice to see you visit, Carola! Nature is the very best place to be for inspiration. I feel the need of it so acutely now living in the town. I miss the trees and the wooded areas and have to make more effort to get out and try and reach the fields without a car. It's always so worth it!