Getting Snug at Home

This is the time of the year when everything feels more transitional than usual.
November days alternate between blue skies and sunshine,
rain, wind and low stratus clouds making everything look dull.

I cut the last two flowers on my Gaillardia plant
and brought some colour inside.

This is the month when colour becomes incredibly important to me
I seek it out in everything I do
especially when I'm in the kitchen.

Preparing vegetables for lunch
Colour is so important in preparing a meal.

Many of the trees are already bare,
but a visit to the park on a sunny day
showed me these lovely beech leaves still glowing in a golden light.

Fallen leaves remind me to be accepting of the season.
They never fight the reality of what is happening to them and all around them.
The path to contentment is being willing to be in the moment,
just as it is,
for now.

The evenings are longer
and I love them to be able to create seasonal things 
like these crocheted snowflakes.

I have hung some up against the windows in my living-room.
No real snowflakes falling from the sky as yet,
but that could all change this weekend it seems.

I brought this cyclamen flower inside from my balcony
I love the simplicity of a single bloom in the tiny vase.

We have been having some beautiful sunsets.
I saw this one in my neighbourhood as soon as I got of the bus around 5 pm.
Look at the tiny crescent moon in the blue of the sky.

Pastel shades are a great favourite of mine too.
I stayed in this spot until the colours faded.

It will soon be December
and there will be fairy lights and music 
and candles too.
But for today, just enjoying this transitional period
shows me that everything is just as it should be. 

I hope you are enjoying the changing season too.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Sarn! I always seem to seek out peace. Maybe it comes from living in a town. It encourages me to put my attention, and seek out, the peaceful moments and scenes!

  2. So many beautiful pictures to dream and enjoy... Love the last one, cause, when the Christmas fair is over I can finally start enjoying the uncoming Christmas Season!

    1. Thank you, Marjan. Yes, we definitely need some quiet time to enjoy the Christmas season!

  3. Beautiful post and word for this transitional time, Sandra, and wonderful pictures as well. When days are shorter and light lower, colors at home get more important. I love your two last Gaillardia flowers. They are as a little splash of color that brings me warm feelings. I also love the beautiful November sky color palette that you've captured, also warm and calm. And, of course, can not fail to mention here these beautiful crochet snowflakes that I have already shared on my Pinterest "Christmas crochet" board. Lot of hugs! 💕🍃🌸🍃

    1. What a lovely comment! Yes, colour is so important in our lives and especially so as nature prepares for the winter months and the days can often be grey. Glad you like the snowflakes too. I love doing crocheted decorations at this time of the year! Your colourful decorations at the end of your comment are so cute!!

  4. Beautiful splashes of colour!

  5. Lovely Sandra! We are still in Prague and I find it difficult to leave comments since the wifi is not so good at times. Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks so much! I hope you're having a wonderful time in Prague!

  6. Bright colors certainly boost the spirits. You've found some beautiful colors, especially those sunsets! Your snowflakes are so pretty and delicate. I have one that my mom crocheted many years ago.

    1. Thanks, Cathy! I love to introduce colour all through my little home during the winter months. It makes it feel snug! That's lovely to have your mum's crocheted snowflake to hang up each year!

  7. I love this post Sandra! So peaceful and colorful. Hope you have a great week!

    1. Thank you! We seem to be in snow mode right now! It looks so pretty!