Getting Closer to the Mountains

Dent de Jaman and Rochers de Naye

A day out on the most beautiful day of this week
took me closer to the mountains in my area.
I took the funicular up as far as it would go, to a place called Mont Pélerin.

Many years ago, I climbed that thumb-shaped mountain on the left.
Going up was fine, but coming down the steep side was quite a challenge.
Luckily for me, a very kind, experienced mountain climber
gave me some excellent tips and helped me find stable footholds!

The snow on the summits was quite fresh
 and looked so striking against the blue of the sky.

Pulling back to get in a wider scene with the villages below.

The Lake Léman is included in this capture
and the range of mountains in the background is called
Les Dents du Midi which has seven summits.
This range is situated in the Chablais Alps in the Swiss Canton of Valais.
They reach a height of 3257 metres.

Here is a closer view.

Since the sun goes down rather quickly in the afternoons now,
I was able to capture the warm lighting on the same mountains
as I walked down to the next funicular stop to reach the lake.

These two towers are called:
Tour de Mayen and Tour d'Aï.
They are situated in the canton of Vaud where I live.
The atmosphere changes completely as the sun goes down.

I love how the sun catches certain edges of the steep slopes and makes them look so majestic.

I managed to catch the vibrant colours of the sunset
which lit up the lake in tones of gold and orange.
A perfect end to a lovely day!

When I'm in the mountains, at any time of the year, I feel as if I'm in a magical world
away from all the noise, the people, the traffic.
It feels as if I'm communing with Nature
as if I am connected to everything around me
and not just a spectator.


  1. Oh, these photos are breathtaking! I love how the light changed the mountains and the snow and the beautiful sky! And, that last photo of the lake . . . glorious!! What a spectacular day!

    1. Thank you, Cathy, it really was an unforgettable day and the lighting was perfect!

  2. Lovely views of the mountains indeed! Thanks for sharing where you live! Have a great day Sandra!

    1. Thank you! The day was so beautiful that the mountains really looked their best!

  3. Loved seeing this part of where you live. And the golden light on the mountains...fabulous!

    1. Thanks, Sarah! It was such a fabulous day and I so enjoyed being closer to the mountains and to enjoy all their majestic beauty!

  4. Lovely pictures. I've never been very fond of the mountains though but blame that on my dad! We've spent a few holidays in Switserland (Mayens, Trogne, Arolla, les Haudères, Evolène - that area) either climbing mountains one after the other, one day after the other with no break or skiing day in and day out. I was anything between 7 and 12 at the time and I did not enjoy it at all - I'm a seaside kind of girl, always have been one (which reminds me we've not been in Belgium for ages!). I know the hubby wouldn't mind spending a few day in the mountains but I just couldn't be persuaded so far... Maybe if he'd promise he'd do the walking and climbing and I can stay at the guesthouse doing some crochet... Hmmm...???

    1. Thank you for popping in Marjan! We all have our preferences. I used to prefer the sea because I grew up in the British Isles and the sea is so easy to reach, but I have learnt to really love the lakes and mountains in Switzerland, my adoptive country!

  5. Wow - your shots of those mountains are just fabulous!

    1. Thank you, Fi. The wonderful lighting really brought out their natural beauty!

  6. So beautiful and majestic.
    Lovely light to show it all off.
    So glad you had help with the climb when you needed it.

  7. So Beautiful! I love how the light catches the edges of the mountain. And that sunset...magnificent.