Water, my Muse

What colour is water?
It's often the reflection of the sky
like these fresh turquoise tones

Or when the sun sinks low in the sky
and creates molten gold reflections

Forever changing and fascinating
often calming

and giving us wavy reflections from all around.
This was taken partially under a bridge
and you can see the tiny design of the metal structure
when you click on the photo to enlarge it.

Tiny waves catching the sun and my attention.

Since I no longer have my car,
it is more difficult to get out into the country and away from the town.
I have been more and more tempted to go down to the lake
which takes about half an hour on foot and by metro.

I like to contemplate the different moods of the water
at different times of the day.

Water brings me peace and serenity
and restores my inner balance.

When I choose to cross the lake on the ferry, 
I enjoy the swell of the waves,
the tiny patterns on the water's surface
and the wind in my face
as I stand on the deck for the whole of the crossing.

Capturing reflected patterns  gives me pure joy
and I never know how they will turn out
because the ripples in the water change constantly, even as I press my shutter.

Liquid cobalt blue fit for an artist's palette

The Impressionists would love to paint the movement
and orange reflections in this capture.

Rhythm and blues
Don't you feel like dancing?
I do!

Look at those turquoise tones
I want to melt right into them!

the blue of the sky and the water's edge just blend together
and become one.

All the blues
Looking very much like a water-colour painting.

The heat of these last three months 
has allowed me to connect to water even more deeply
than before.

I have felt cooled and refreshed and re-energized
and so happy that I can get down to the lake
in rather little time.

Chilled sparkling water has kept me hydrated
all through these extremely hot months of the year.

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I shall be taking a break until some time towards the end of  September
I'm going on a steam train journey!


  1. Oh my goodness, Sandra, what a beautiful series of images!
    Each one is so serene.
    Your steam train adventure sounds WONDERFUL!
    Make lots of photographs along the way!! :-)
    Travel safe, my friend.

    1. Lisa, thank you for your visit and comment! It's such a pleasure capturing water shots down by the lake!
      My steam train adventure is a new one for me! I'm going from London down to Cornwall on the south-west coast of England! The weather is changing here tomorrow and we'll be going from hot and humid to much cooler and rainy. The same in England! Oops!

  2. Have fun on your adventure, Sandra! Your watery photos are fascinating studies. I like looking at each one - all so different. We love our water feature for the same reason - it's so calming to see the running water and hear the sounds of its movement. The sailboat photo is just wonderful!

    1. Thank you, Barb. Contemplating water always makes me feel good. It's so changeable, both in colour and aspect and the reflections are always so gorgeous. I never tire of going down to the lake with my camera.

  3. Lovely blues Sandra, guess that is why they say blue is a refreshing and calming color. Have fun on your break.

    1. Yes, when the water is blue it has a refreshing and calming aspect to it. I also love how it picks up other colours according to the lighting and the environment. Thanks for your good wishes for my holiday!

  4. Your water photo's are very tranquil Sandra.
    HAPPY STEAM TRAIN JOURNEY. I can't wait to see the photo's from your trip.

    All aboard . . . . .


    1. Thanks, Sarn! It feels quite exciting to go on a steam-train!

  5. The mood, the hues, the light and reflections, I love it all! I hope you have a lovely break and a wonderful steam-train journey!

    1. Thank you for your visit and kind comments, Susan!

  6. Stunning waterscapes, Sandra. I especially like the one with orange and blue. Enjoy your journey. I'm sure many wonderful photographs will come from the trip.

    1. Thank you Kim. This summer, I've especially enjoyed taking waterscapes as I've been so often down by the lake and taking the ferry or doing a few cruises on steam-boats!

  7. Such beautiful captures of the water. It's wonderful that you live so close that you can enjoy the cool and refreshing water. I can't wait to hear and see of your adventures on the steam train....

    1. Thanks, Nancy! It's true that I've really taken advantage of lots of trips down to the lake this summer. I can get there by public transport.
      The weather forecast in Cornwall (the south-east coast of England) is for clouds and rain for the start of my steam train journey, so I shall have to adapt to that!

  8. What beautiful shots of water! I do miss living right next to the lake although it's only 15 mins away on foot... Enjoy your steam train journey!

    1. Thank you, Fi. I don't live right next to the lake either. I need to go down partially on foot (or bus) and then by metro. At the quickest, it takes me 30 minutes. I haven't been on a steam-train since I was little, so it will be quite an experience!

  9. You've captured my favorite color in all of it's glorious shades and as you know water is my favorite subject! Next time I'm near water I need to zoom in and concentrate on reflections. Hmmmmm! Sounds like I need another trip to a lake or the river! I know you'll love your stream-train excursion. I've been on several with my son, who loves trains! I hope you get a window seat!

    1. What I love about water is how changeable it is according the movements and the lighting. I'll let you know about my steam-train journey!

  10. Have a great time on your train journey, sounds like an awesome time! I love the colors of water and the sound of water. So relaxing.

    1. Yes, water can be calming, but also invigorating near waterfalls.

  11. A lovely variety of water scapes

    1. Thank you. I really loved capturing them in different environments!

  12. What a wonderful series, Sandra! My favs are #2, 4, 9, 11 (awesome color!), and 13 - love the patterns, colors, and mood in each of these gems. Hope your trip was fun with lots of photo ops :)

    1. So nice to see you again, Anna! Thanks for coming in to comment. Glad you enjoyed the different moods and colours of water!

  13. such beautiful images!
    beautiful, emotional, full of life!
    I wish you a grand time away!