Bowls from home

are such harmonious objects.
I've always been attracted to rounded shapes
I love how they catch the light
and how there is no beginning or no end
just continuity.

Bowls are perfect for holding a full-blown rose

and for serving my freshly cooked apple and cinnamon for breakfast.

There is always a lavender bowl
 filled with sweet smelling lavender
in my home.

A sugar bowl
even though I no longer sweeten my drinks,
 the bowl is kept as a souvenir from my dad
who gave it to me many years ago.

The word bowl comes from the French word boule
and the Latin bulla: a round object.

I love word origins because they always tell a story!


  1. Oh, what lovely bowls you have! I love the first one with the peek of the other bowls in the background and, of course, I'm partial to blue! The bowl from you dad is so pretty and sweet!

  2. I love them too and your photos are beautiful!

  3. I love the roundness of bowls and your images are all beautiful. I especially love that first blue one!

  4. I have some special bowls also! The bowl from your Dad is very pretty and I know it brings back happy thoughts of him.

  5. So lovely! That first bowl is simply stunning.

  6. What a fun photo essay on bowls, Sandra. I love your lavender bowl -- beautiful design in both the lid and your crochet work. I understand your attachment to the bowl your dad gave you, I treasure a delicate mug that my father gave me in the 1970s.

  7. Lovely bowls! Thanks for sharing the word origin, how interesting!
    Kate :}

  8. Your collection of blue bowls looks so interesting, Cathy. I have a bowl with a pewter lid similar to your lavender bowl. I keep rose hips and cinnamon sticks in it. I love the color of the rose - I often float flowers in bowls. Today more company arrives. We've been busy in a good way. I seem to be planning meals a lot!

  9. Whoops, sorry - I read Cathy's post just before yours and didn't switch gears in my brain! I apologize, Sandra.

  10. these are such beautiful bowls and so beautifully used! Lovely photography as always!

  11. beautiful bowl
    and photos
    i love bowls too

  12. I love your posts Sandra! This is a great one ....again! And I learned I know a new word in english...cinnamon :-))

  13. What a lovely series of images this is, Sandra, and you know, I have a lavender bowl that looks almost exactly like yours! The glass is tissue paper thin, so I do not have it out very often, but it was my grandma's, and then my mom's, so it is a very special treasure.

    You have a wonderful weekend!

  14. Bowls are beautiful shapes indeed, Sandra. That first image - love the light, coloration, and simplicity! Happy day to you :)

  15. All so pretty, but especially the blue and white one in the top image. I do agree about the satisfying continuousness of the circumference of a bowl.