Rituals of Stillness

Through sound

At this time of the year
candlelight and tingsha bells, or cymbals, introduce me
to a new day.

Through touch and sense of smell

The ritual of applying face oil
embellished with sweet smelling essential oils of 
Orange peel

Through taste

Green tea with jasmine flowers

Through observing colour and shape

Through bringing the beauty of nature into my home
and creating a corner of gratitude

Through still life

as the afternoon gently slips towards the evening
Another candle
Bringing presence into my home.

There are so many ways to stillness
Have you found yours?


  1. I feel a calmness descend from your photos, Sandra. Stillness comes to me in white during the winter months. Today, gently blowing snow while I skied through the forest. That first photo draws me.

  2. My goodness, you must be feeling very peaceful! What lovely representations of stillness! The face oil with essential oils sound like a wonderful ritual...I will have to try it. Your corner of gratitude is so pretty....you have found so many ways to enjoy being indoors.

  3. How lovely! I can feel and see the peace from here.

  4. Er . . . NO! Haven't found much stillness this week!
    LOVE the look of your peaceful pictures though. Perhaps I will just leave one on screen and think about it for a moment or two!

    Hugs,Sarn xxx

  5. Your photos truly illicit a sense of stillness. Love the teapot. I'm off to take a bath!

  6. Nice still lifes (lives?)! Love the teapot shot! Preparing and drinking tea is such a relaxing and comforting ritual for me!
    Kate :}

  7. Your shots give a new interpretation of the word "stillness".....All of these shots could be an advertisement for a spa.....Have a great weekend....

  8. Lovely, Lovely!! Each of these are filled with peace and stillness! It's pretty incredible how an image can create emotions and you've mastered that! I love those beautiful cymbals!

  9. Love this post
    and many
    done by this one.
    Especially the first as I begin my day.
    I need the Peace at this moment
    as I read your sharing...
    Thank you

  10. I can feel the ritual of enjoying and living in the present moment that seems to fill your life, Sandra. Looks and sounds like a beautiful life to me :) The second to last image -still life is my fav. Lovely!

  11. Lovely images, Sandra. Sometimes I think that one should not own anything that does not lead to stillness, which, paradoxically, is where the most meaningful things are to be found.

  12. I'm always in awe of your photos and words, Sandra. A peaceful and beautiful post!

  13. As I read through your post I felt stress just melting away. Your photos and words were perfect and just what I needed on this Saturday afternoon! Thank you.

  14. I agree with Deanna above, I felt the calm come over me as I read you gorgeous post!

  15. your world is lovely to me
    fresh, healthy, gentle and yum
    i have just put your oils together in one bottle and have it in my aroma machine, it is a delightful blend, i would have never imagined that mix
    and am sipping a similar tea too
    such a lovely post

  16. What beautiful tulips these are, Sandra, and such a peaceful post.
    Have a wonderful week ahead!

  17. I love how you engage all your senses in stillness. Beautiful!

  18. Dear Sandra
    Your photography is getting better by the minute. Fabulous close ups. Do you have a specific low aperture lens. No matter how close I try to get to my stuff I nearly never reach the effect you have in your pictures... Maybe cause my lowest is only f3.5... Any tips? Adore the picture with the lip gloss.

    1. Thanks, Annette! I've written to you privately through email.

  19. What a wonderfully calm start to the day you have! My morning routines are so rushed - I could so with some of your serenity.x

  20. I love the simplicity of your still life work. It is never busy or cluttered. The placement in the frame is perfect. Your inner calm comes through distinctly in the images.

  21. That face oil sounds wonderful ... do you make it yourself?

  22. Sandra, this is my favorite post from all that you have written! The sense of calm and stillness with the words that you use to express your thoughts are magic at calming my busy mind. I need to learn to put stillness like this in my life. Wonderful post!

  23. Awesome still lifes! adorable!

    xoxo, Juliana | PJ’ Happies :)