A Breath of Mountain Air

When I think of the mountains
I think of the fresh, pure air
the peacefulness away from the noisy city.

The morning mists which drift in and out of the slopes

and the smell of pine trees.

I love the wooden chalets

 the reflections in their windows

the lace curtains
the shutters and the geraniums in window boxes

Can you imagine that this was the fabulous view from my window?

Look at the greenery beyond the balcony.
I want to take it all back to the city with me!

This was the view on the left
Each room has a balcony and a window box of flowers.

This is the view straight ahead
zooming down to the nearby village

We stayed in a chalet style hotel.
My balcony is on the second from top floor
to the left of the pale yellow parasol.

We were so lucky with the weather
after quite a rainy month of July.

There was a pond down below

and the wonderful luxury of an indoor swimming pool 
which I used every day
and it was especially delicious to swim early mornings before breakfast.

We stayed for just two nights
but I was so grateful to be offered the opportunity
of getting away from the 
 noise and pollution of city life.

Sheer bliss!


  1. Wundervoll!
    Lieben Gruß,*Manja*

  2. Absolutely stunning photos! I would love to live somewhere as gorgeous as this...
    I hope you have a great week!
    Tammy x

  3. Wow - what a fabulous place. I could definitely live there.

  4. Sheer bliss Indeed! Stunning views! Your images are incredibly beautiful!

  5. Wow, wow and triple wow! What astoundingly beautiful views. And you have captured them so deftly! The last time I had a few of mountains outside my windows was when I was in the southwest of France near Basque country 10 years ago. In recent years there has been mostly water! There is indeed something about mountains that makes you think of fresh pure air and peace. Glad you had such a wonderful opportunity and that you shared it with us.

  6. Oh my goodness, lucky you, Sandra!!
    The views are absolutely breathtaking, and you have captured them so beautifully.

  7. Triple wow! What visits! Those mountains, with the clouds and green grass below, are so gorgeous! And so well photographed. I could sit on that balcony of hours. You certainly did have perfect weather. So happy that you could enjoy it all.

  8. I can smell the fresh air. Love the mountains.

  9. Absolutely magnificent views so beautifully and skilfully captured, Sandra, and how wonderful that you could have that time away in such surroundings: thank you for sharing with us! Joy x

  10. Hi!
    Absolutely stunning photos!

  11. Wow! Gorgeous!! What an amazing visit! It looks so quiet and relaxing! I especially love that first photo!
    Kate :}

  12. Good Morning Sandra, I am delighted to have found your blog. Your photographs and your writing is amazingly soothing to my soul. I love your reflections on the water shots and your flower photos . . . your blog is awesome and that is why I have just become your newest follower. I'm adding you to my favorite list, that way I will know when you post and never miss out on reading your lovely blog. There is a town about 80 miles from us, up in the mountains and along a beautiful river . . . it reminds me of your Switzerland. It is called Leavenworth, WA. It's a wonderful place to drive to for a short get-away from everyday life and the closest thing to visiting Europe that we have :)
    Please come visit my blog, I love company and new friends :)
    Your new blogging sister,

  13. bliss indeed
    such a beautiful land
    and place to stay
    so happy for you

  14. So this was your mystery getaway! It looks fabulous. So much green and filled with beautiful flowers. It sounds like you brought a bit of it back in your heart and mind. Great photos, Sandra.

  15. Oh my goodness me . . . what gorgeous photo's and that REALLY looks a lovely place to stay.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  16. Looks like a wonderful stay. Beautiful views and pics as well. Is this the US ? It looks like Austria ?

  17. These photos are wonderful and oh! the mountains! Nothing like that here in the US..maybe out West but I don't think we ever have that pale fresh green! I have never really wanted to travel to Europe but Switzerland is making me want to spread my wings!

  18. Breathtaking photos! It makes me look forward to the skiing trip I'm going on at Christmas. So wonderful to breathe the mountain air. Your photos really are amazing xxx

  19. It sounds like a wonderful time... what a beautiful photos, all that green is gorgeous. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your wise comment xx

  20. What an idillic spot for a vacation! Must have been a great time, Sandra!

  21. Such perfect scenery to greet you every time you looked out. A wonderful place to rest. xx

  22. Wonderfull wooden chalets, greeting from Belgium

  23. It's breathtakingly beautiful - I'm sure you didn't want to leave!

  24. Oh Sandra, what gorgeous views! Looks like such a spectacular place to be!

  25. Lovely and serene! Absolutely beautiful!