When city life seems drab
and noisy and grey

I take a bus or a train to contemplate
the beauties that are not far away at all.

although I live in the city
the mountains and the lake call out to me.

It is here that I come to resource myself
and it's best to choose a sunny day.

A little sailing boat glides over the calm water

and in the small port in the lakeside town of Vevey,
I love to stare at the reflections in the water.

Green and blue
the shapes change with the moving surface of the water.

A swan preens its feathers

and looks into the depth of the water

until a mate comes along.

a last look towards this end of  Lake Léman

and as I look at the sparkles on the water
I take home wonderful memories
of a sunny day by the lake
and find once again
my inner serenity. 

The town of Vevey is where I lived when I first came to Switzerland.
It is barely a 15-minute train journey from where I live now
in the city of Lausanne.


  1. Hello Sandra, I wish I was with you on this trip to Vevey (thankfully, the photos take me there). The scenery is so spectacular. You're lucky to have an urban environment but also the gifts of the mountains and the lakes nearby. That band of mist rising from the lake is so pretty!

  2. Gorgeous! Thank you for taking me on a mini vacation to that lovely place! So beautiful and serene!
    Kate :}

  3. How fortunate you are to have these beautiful scenes close by.
    These are such wonderful photographs, Sandra.

  4. Oh Sandra, these are truly spectacular...those would have to drag me away from there I'm afraid! ;) And like you, water reflections are something I love so much, they are so magical with each movement and the way the light dances across the water!

  5. What a fabulous outing, Sandra! I would definitely feel serene after experiencing it! Those mountains are amazing -- love the colors you captured, which add to the serenity. What a sweet image of the two swans together, with the sparkles in the water. Thanks for sharing your outing!!

  6. Your pics are beauty personified - I can hardly take in the wonder I have just contemplated Sandra, especially those majestic mountains and the wonderful reflections - how I would love to scan these views first-hand! Thank you so much - serenity indeed! Joy x

  7. Wow, the mountains and the water! Just being able to go to one or the other is pretty great but you have both! Your images certainly capture the serenity inside of you as you perceive these gorgeous vistas. And you probably won't be surprised to know that my very favorite is the blue/green water reflections shot! Thanks for the little glimpse of your paradise.

  8. Oh my! What beautiful scenes! Love those mountains and the water reflections!

  9. I can feel the peace coming out of the computer screen with this post. A beautiful post x

  10. Goodness, these pics are glorious. I can almost feel what is was like to be there and that feels good! It looks like a wonderful place to unwind. How can you not feel peaceful and serene somewhere as stunning as that. Ahhh (big, relaxing sigh!)

    S x

  11. I feel completely refreshed myself now - after gazing at your beautiful calming pictures. Thank you!

    Love how you got the water to dazzle and shine too. Clever!

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  12. A wonderful place and wonderful photos
    I can feel the peace and calm of the place
    Thanks for such beautiful pictures

  13. Sarn just sent me over - thank you so much Sandra for these utterly beautiful photos. Serenity indeed.

    Hugs, Di xx

  14. Wow - magical, fairy tale shots!

  15. Wow! How fantastic absolutely stunning lucky you.
    Beautiful photographs Sandra, most impressed.
    Hugs x

  16. How fortunate you are to live so close to such amazing beauty, Sandra!!! I can see how you would come home refreshed after soaking in all this wonder. Looks like spring :) Gorgeous images!

  17. how lovely that you have this beautiful place so near you.
    your photographs are beautiful. i love the sparkles of light on the lake water, captured beautifully!

    I often wait for sunny days to get away as well, we don't have many in the winter. That is what inspired my trip last week, sunshine.

  18. What a beautiful place! I feel rested just looking at these images, thank you so much for sharing them. Truly they were just the breath if fresh air I needed :)

  19. How fortunate you live in such a spectacular area! These images take my breath away...and yet these amazing shades of blue are so calming. I could sit and stare at these all day!

  20. Oh my goodness, what gorgeous photos. And of course I love the swans. Beautiful creatures.

  21. What gorgeous place to live and your photos are amazing. To explore more of Europe is high on my bucket list.

  22. Beautiful.

    Hug from Norway.

  23. I may live near the "Happiest Place on Earth", but you live in the most beautiful place on earth. Gorgeous photos.

  24. What beautiful photo's how lovely to love somewhere like this. :)

  25. What an incredibly beautiful place through your lens, Sandra.

  26. Sandra, this is so gorgeous! How hard it would be to leave, once you were there! You have such an eye for the interesting and beautiful. Who else would have made such beauty from the green reflection? I love the mist on the mountain, and over the lake, and your beautiful sparkles!

  27. What a gorgeous place!!! The mountains and water and swans … like a fairytale!

  28. Mon préféré est la vue sur les dents du midi avec le bateau :-)

    1. Bonjour Ely, Oui, c'est ma photo préférée aussi. Cela me fait plaisir que tu es venue me visiter ici!

  29. Gorgeous.. Just gorgeous. Im in aww of the diamonds on the water and love them so very much.
    Nice to connect with you once again my friend. I love your blog