Elderflower or Marmalade?

Tiny fragrant flowers and a powdering of pollen

Elderflower umbels are in full bloom in May or June depending on the climate.

One lovely way of using them is to make Elderflower jelly.
Steep the flowers in water for three days
add lemon juice and sugar
and boil until thickened.

This year I've made Marmalade and Elderflower Jelly

Wind down the canvas awning
and set a pretty table outside surrounded by flowers

Put some flowers in a vase
Cut some raisin and nut bread
Make fresh coffee 

Chunky orange takes centre stage
but golden Elderflower edges in on the sidelines.
Which one shall I choose?

Why, one of each is the only solution!

Won't you join me?
What do you like for breakfast?


  1. I am definitely not a breakfast eater, but you could easily convert me with these goodies! :-)

  2. How wonderful - such beautiful pics again Sandra - sheer beauty to behold!
    I would love to sit down and breakfast in such a gorgeous setting - many thanks for starting off my day so well!

  3. I will be stopping by any day now! A little of each please - or maybe a lot!

  4. Delightful post!! I would love to join you for breakfast! Elderflower looks much like our Queen Anne's Lace.

  5. I didn't even know what Elder flower was until I started reading blogs in England!! I'd love to try some jam!
    I hope you have a great weekend,

  6. Wow, I come right away...:-) Looks delicious !...both!

  7. Fabulous fabulous fabulous...on my way so save some of that elderflower for me..trying so hard to track some down here..WI haven't even got any!
    Hugs x

  8. Yum! Spring was so late this year here in the Welsh Hills that there are places where the elder flowers are only just blooming!

  9. Oh Sandra - these pictures are amazing!! I LOVE elderflower and how clever to make the jelly - SOOO delicious. This is such a lovely happy post!
    Mary x

  10. Both look really delicious !
    And the pictures are breathtaking.

  11. beautiful captures...lovely post!

  12. Hi Sandra,
    We've made lots of different types of jams and jellies, but never tried these. They do look delicious and breakfast on your terrace certainly looks delightful! Wish I could zip over for treats and a chat :)
    Take care and have a happy weekend!

  13. They both look delicious and I love the care you took setting your breakfast table. Lovely photos. x

  14. Every little detail is so lovely! Thanks for the invitation. I'd be delighted to have one of each, too.

  15. Mmmm . . . very tempting! But I'm a Nutella on toast kind of girl!

    Playing catch-up.

    Sarn xxx

  16. So pretty and looks so delicious!!!
    Have a great weekend!
    Kate :}

  17. I'd be happy to join you! What beautiful colors in these jellies. I love that shot of the lemon sitting in the elderflowers. Since i've never had elderflower jelly, I'd have to try it.

  18. One of each looks like the perfect solution! I bet both tasted delicious too. The little flowers from the elderflower are so pretty and dainty, and then you found just the right flowers and vase to complement your preserves too.

  19. oh how i would love to join you!
    that sounds and looks so yummy and those blossoms sweet as can be. I have only smelled elder blossoms in products... never in person the flowers. some day. thank you for sharing.