Walk with me...

Join me on my walk to enjoy this golden November

Dancing to November's tune

Yet spring is already there contained in each tightly furled bud

how do those leaves feel, look at them shine in the late afternoon sun...
Ah! The beautiful beech tree

and the new crescent moon is rising in the late afternoon sky... what a lovely walk, just you and me! Isn't it wonderful to be able to see?


  1. These autumn leaves are just lovely, Zinnia. It has been an incredible autumn. November here in the south of England has been the warmest on record. I hope this comment works because, as you know, I have had trouble posting comments.


  2. Yes, the comment worked, but I posted twice and got 2 error messages!


  3. Hello Jenny, Nice to see you here. Well, your comment got through this time! That's good!

    Our November has been exeptional too and only now in December has the weather taken on a wintry feel!