From bud to seed

On one of my recent walks at the beginning of this month of November, I came across an amazing plant with all stages of the plant's cycle apparent. They were all so astonishingly beautiful that I am able to relate the story in pictures here:

Such is the message of Nature as we observe the different cycles from bud to seed. Those seeds which will scatter and fall in the earth to start all over again. Herein lies the message: let life events take their course and then start anew. 
Each dusk contains within its shadowy cloak a new dawn waiting to be born.


  1. absolutely beautiful and interesting to see your photos and the stages of this flowers life. Thank you .

  2. Hello Tammie Lee,

    The most astonishing part was that all stages of development were represented at the same time on this one plant. I love it when nature offers us such wonders!