1. Night-Night

    Night-night moon
    Night-night stars
    Night-night noisy
    trucks and cars.

    Night-night sand box
    Night-night toys
    Night-night other
    girls and boys.

    Night-night mom
    Night-night dad
    Night-night Boogie Man
    who's not bad.

    It's time to go to sleep now,
    most all my night nights said.
    Night-night blankie
    Night-night bed.

    C.J. Heck

  2. I love this... it brings me back to my childhood. I still say "night-night" to those that I love before I go to sleep... maybe it's the child in me still loving that connection.

    Words create vibrations - and if those vibrations come from love... then I like to think that they encircle the whole planet and touch all beings that need to be touched.