Early morning sun on woodland path


  1. Early Morning Sun

    When the early morning sun rises
    We feel it is end of all crises
    As if it eliminates all ignorance
    And creates a new world of benevolence

    Scattering its rays
    Creating a new day
    Filling our heart with new hope and anticipation
    You are indeed a source of fascination

    Oh! You are the lord of a vast horizon
    Could anybody try to show treason?
    You give us immense warmth
    And illuminate the other planets as well as the earth

    --Kavitha Krishnamurthy

  2. Lovely!
    Being one with nature when the early morning sun rises is my favourite time of each day. I feel the earth stretch and breathe as the first sunrays filter through the trees... even the birds are silent as this great moment of birth takes place at the break of day.