Longer Days

The days are getting longer by several minutes each day
and that is what allowed me to witness this beautiful sunset when I crossed a bridge
to the other side of town at 5.30 pm.
This is the silhouette of the St. François church steeple in Lausanne.
I shall be looking out for more sunsets!

A mini snowstorm in my street
Winter is still lurking
while the spring flowers sleep.

But the tulips are here 
bringing wonderful colour into our homes!

They didn't want to open and so I put them out into the rain
which seemed to suit them very much.

It was worth the wait.

The garland of hearts is finished and looks fresh and cheerful
above the couch in my living room.

Here it hangs underneath the lithography of one of Magritte's paintings.
The painting is called "La page blanche" (the empty page)
which it isn't!
I like Magritte's surreal quality and his humour!

This reminder and quotation from Winnie the Pooh by A.A. Milne:

"Promise me,
You'll always remember:
You are braver than you believe
 stronger than you seem
smarter than you think."

Words spoken by Christopher Robin to his favourite bear.

For the beautiful pattern of the heart granny square


  1. Your photos are always so magical! Thank you.

    1. So kind. Thank you, Fi. Winter doesn't stop us finding subjects to photograph, does it?

  2. I love your little heart garland - might have to make one myself.

    We don't have tulips blooming, but we do have them available in the shops. Last week I bought yellow with red tips,.

    1. Glad you like the heart garland. The size of the hearts is actually quite big.
      No, our tulips are not blooming in the gardens yet, but there are plenty in the florist departments! Aren't we lucky?!

  3. WOW - I simply LOVE your garland of colourful hearts. Just lovely.

    Great pictures too. Love that sunset.

    Stay warm and cosy!

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  4. So glad you like the garland, Sarn. I loved making it! Yes, warm and cosy still in February!
    Changeable weather which always happens at this time as winter and spring have a little tantrum together!

  5. This garland is so pretty. I love the colour-scheme you chose! Very delicate, with a touch a spring!

    1. Thank you, Marjan. Yes, a touch of spring in the colours of the garland. The lovely tulips are very springlike as well!

  6. It is nice having even just a few more minutes of sun each day this time of the year. The sunset is beautiful behind the church. Snow...I have had my fill of it this winter. Flowers always help brighten up a winter day, the rain drops are so pretty on your tulips. I love the quote...thank you for the reminder. :)

    1. We haven't had so much snow this year, Michelle. It seems to get less each year!
      Thanks so much for your visit and for your kind comment!

  7. Hello Sandra,

    Your blog is wonderful !
    I read that you live in Switzerland, that is my favorite holiday destination.
    Beautiful photos of the tulips, very beautifully photographed !
    Yes we are lucky that we can buy the tulips in the flower shops.

    Wish you a wonderful day,

    1. Thanks so much for your visit, Els, and for your kind words! Yes, the shops have a great choice of lovely spring flowers already! Aren't we lucky!

  8. Gorgeous sunset! Yes, our days are getting long, which we all enjoy especially when it comes to photography! Your snowstorm is also very pretty! I guess I will only dream of snow this winter, it doesn't look like it's going to happen!

    1. I was so happy to catch that sunset as I went downtown! Our snow hasn't settled that much, but we did have a few lovely snowstorms which were cleared immediately to keep the roads safe! It's still fairly cold at night and there's a nip in the air in the daytime, but that feels healthy to me! Winter should be winter!

  9. Such a stunning sunset you've captured, Sandra! I so love this time of year as the days steadily lengthen--I need the extra light in my days. Winter hasn't been very hard on us in Pennsylvania, but I'll still be happy when we change the clocks ahead in March and gain that extra hour of daylight.

    Love your beautiful heart--cheery and oh-so-pretty in those pastels :) Thank you, as always for sharing your world through the lens of your camera, Sandra!

    1. Thank you for your visit, Carol! I was lucky to catch that sunset by being out and away from a built-up area just as it took place! I was happy to get my heart garland up to give a fresh, bright touch to my living-room!

  10. Your photos are always so beautiful and inviting!
    I have to remember to use that quote from Christofer Robin and say it to my granchildren! Such a great message!!
    So glad you liked our Dairy Free Chocolate Pudding! Thanks for letting us know! Xo

    1. That's a great quotation, isn't it? Yes, the Chocolate pudding was really delicious. I'm making it again tomorrow!
      So nice to have you visit here!

  11. Your photos are always so magnificent, Sandra! And gorgeous sunset as well! You're so lucky to be surrounded by this magical scenes. I adore your little heart garland. I love the spring colour-scheme you've choose. Thank you so much for making us enjoy your fairy hands with the camera and with the crochet hook, Sandra! 💕 🍃🌸🍃

    1. Thank you so much for such kind comments! We are feeling early signs of spring and now I can get out walking more again!