March Sunshine

Brightly coloured crocuses greet us in the park

There is still snow in the mountains - and since I took this, there have been
fresh snowfalls!
The two humps are called: Tour de Mayen on the left and Tour d'Aï on the right.
When I walk for about 25 minutes up the hill (all the way) above my neighbourhood,
I can see this lovely view!
The best part is going down the hill again all the way home!

In February, as the days got longer,
I heard the first blackbird sing in the morning and early evenings!
Such a joy!

I also love the beautiful shapes of the trees and their branches without leaves.
These two mono shots were taken in my neighbourhood.

A visit to the local florist's shop to see what beautiful blooms were available.
I asked her if I could take her photo while she prepared a bouquet for a client.
She kindly agreed.

I noticed the wonderful lines and curves of some graceful pink lilies

I brought a bouquet home with me.
They're such impressive big flowers

The stamen are glorious seen through a macro lens.

When they had passed their beauty and starting to shrivel up,
I put them on the balcony and a snowstorm made them look beautiful again.

One day I needed to go downtown and loved passing these street musicians
playing happy traditional jazz.
They were putting everyone in a good mood!

It was one of those sunny days with a perfect blue sky.
This is the St. Laurent Church
close to where the music was being played.
The pigeons were lined up enjoying the view.

Who can resist tulips in the spring?
These came home with me when the lilies had finished their blooming.

They opened up to a beautiful shade of red.

So perfect against the back lighting.

Things have been very busy on the crochet front.
This is my temperature blanket so far
January and February temperatures are represented here.
They range from 0 to 18C.
Our weather has been changeable and now we are entering a colder period again.
It seems that March is coming in like a lion
even though today is very sunny.

The weekly creations of flowers continues.
These layered ones. Really lovely to create.

Roses too, made from three different patterns.
Check out the 2020 Flower Challenge

These first two months of the year are perfect for doing handiwork,
don't you think?
Perhaps there are many lovely things that you like doing at this time of the year.


  1. I'm hoping March is filled with beautiful things for you, Sandra! I so envy your view of those snow-capped mountains--how majestic! Your flower photos are lovely--especially like the one in the snow. So pretty and pink. Tulips are one of my three favorite flowers--I need to buy some to brighten up my kitchen, soon.

    Your crochet work is just lovely--the colors you are using are so soft and pretty. Happy March, Sandra!

  2. I agree that tulips are such cheerful flowers. I must get some more next week to bring some colour into my home.
    I'm doing a lot of crochet work and nearly finished my lap blanket in colours of a January sunrise!

  3. So beautiful!

    The yellow knit rose really caught my eye. :)

    1. Thank you, Sandi!
      The flowers at the end of the posting are actually made with a crochet hook, though I know that knitted ones are certainly possible. I just prefer crochet to knitting.

  4. I agree: January and February are perfect for doing handiwork and I'm amazed at how your Temperature crochet blanket is progressing. Also thank you for your wonderful crochet flowers that I already shared on the Pinterest board, their shapes and colors are truly exquisite.
    It's beautiful to see the snowy mountains on a background of blue and so clean sky. Here we are missing some rain that we hope will arrive in March and, especially, in April.
    Have a happy entry in the month of March!
    Warm hugs and kisses! 💕🍃🌸🍃

    1. Thank you, Celia. We have been lucky to have many days of clear blue skies and sunshine, but also our share of wind and rain and a few snowfalls! The temperature blanket is taking shape and it's interesting to see how the temperatures vary! Not too many warm colours yet!
      March is full of a new energy which I always enjoy so much!

  5. Another lovely blog post with beautiful images.

    Happy March!

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  6. Thanks, Sarn! March has come in like a roaring lion with thunder and lighting and winds trying to blow our umbrellas inside out! Other than that, all is well!!

  7. That picture of the lilies in the snow is very impressive, very strong. I like that very much! It's like a story waiting to be told.

    1. Many thanks, Marie-Lucienne. The still falling snow made the lilies look beautiful again! Are you part of the Flower Crochet 2020 Project? You might enjoy that as I know you love crochet!

    2. No, I'm not. I know it sounds like an excuse, but right now I've got so much going on behind the scenes (courses, business plan, health issues in my family, boys moving out,...) that I'm even happy to being able to squeeze in some crochet at all...

  8. I love the mix of seasons; from gorgeous snow-covered mountains to stunning spring flowers. The flowers in the snow are so dreamy. Your crochet projects are moving right along. Do you have a plan for the monthly flowers? Will they be displayed together or separately?

  9. this is the time of the year when the seasons do seem to mix together! We've had everything from gorgeous sunny days, wind, rain and snow! It may even snow tomorrow again!
    Well, I'm showing the flowers here as I make them. I was told that they're also on Pinterest! The flowers can be used for anything really - as embellishments or part of a wreath or wall hanging. I will decide as we move through the year, one flower a week!

  10. Popped in for a visit, as I saw your name, Sandra on a mutual blog friends blog. Since I'm Sandy, it seemed the thing to do. Always fun meeting new blog friends. Oh your flower pictures are so pretty, they make me smile. It's such a wet dreary gray day here so to see the color is nice. LOVE your temperature afghan. To date, I've only seen them be stripped.

    1. Hi Sandy! Lovely to have you visit! Glad you enjoyed the flowers. The temperature blanket grows a little more each day, one tiny square at a time, It's wet and windy here too today, but tomorrow sunshine and warmth has been forecast!

  11. Beautiful and colorful photos.
    Have a nice week and Keep well

    1. Many thanks! Yes, we are all going through difficult times of home confinement.

  12. You're always so good with capturing the beauty of nature. I have always love seeing tree bare branches entangled, almost like they are starting from scratch. Thanks for sharing these shots. Your crochet pieces are like art works.

    Have a lovely day.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comments, Lissa. Yes, I love bare tree branches too. They're so expressive. Starting from scratch is a good description! Things have been turned upside down here because of the explosion of the Coronavirus in Europe, but I an preparing some new crochet pieces and I will show them on my next blog entry!

  13. I can't resist a posting of flowers! We are snow free here in the south of Maine, but are still a long way from most blossoms. I do however, and lots of annual flowers started for my outdoor beds in a couple of months.

    As much as I love flowers, I appreciate the beauty of the snow covered mountains and lovely bare trees.

    1. Thank you, Sandy, for your visit and kind comments! I won't be able to get out and photograph spring blooms this year because of the shutdown here in Switzerland due to the Coronavirus. I am in self-enforced confinement, as directed by the Swiss government. I order food, and other needs, online. These are difficult times for everybody.

  14. Oh Sandra, March 1st was my birthday and we celebrated with family back in NY then when we returned, I got sick with the virus and stayed in bed for 3 weeks. So I missed practically the entire month of March, and only now I am better and feeling back to normal. Love all the crochets flowers, tulips and photos! Love visiting you and seeing all the beauty Switzerland has to offer!! Stay safe and healthy!
    xo Anna

    1. Well, Anna, I was so happy that you managed to celebrate your birthday with your family in NY. That was really bad luck catching that nasty virus which put you out of action for three whole weeks. I'm so pleased that you have recovered and that your life is back to normal again. This is such an unusual way to start a New Year as we have done in 2020. Better days are to come, we just need to be patient!