30 Days of Perception: 11 - 20

Day 11 : Ditch the story
Enjoying the shapes, colour, textures and patterns
before I try to work out and analyse what I'm looking at.

Day 11: Ditch the story
Something so small, yet still worthy of my attention as I passed this rusty fence.
I paused in my walk to see what was there
and just looked and appreciated the simplicity of it all before my mind kicked in
to invent a story.

Day 12: Overlooked
From above I could see tiny raindrops glistening on one of the fir tree branches,
I bent down to see them better and was glad that I took the trouble to do this.
There are many things we may overlook when we do not take the time.

Day 12: Overlooked
Walking up the hill to go shopping.
I slowed my step to see how the fallen leaves were giving my shadow
an autumn design.

Day 13: Ground
I often look down when out walking as there is much to be seen.
I was particularly joyful to see the beautiful leaves catching the afternoon sunshine.

Day 13: Ground
After the sun disappeared, I returned home after my walk and saw what beautiful 
patterns had been created by the paving stones and the randomly fallen leaves.

Day 14: Space
This was a very unusual type of photo for me to take.
To give a feeling of space, it was suggested that we put our camera on manual settings
to create an intentional blur with a feeling of space.
This represents a stretch of grass in front of the building below mine.
We can just see a vague outline of the entrance.

Day 15: Periphery
We often focus on a subject which is very near to us
and yet out of the corner of our eye we take in the scene further afield.
I loved taking this photo of the beautiful autumn plantations down at the park
and could see the winding path to one side, inviting me to walk further.

Day 15: Periphery
When I go down to the park, I love to take photos of this fountain.
I particularly noticed the surrounding area in autumn colours.

Day 16: In-between
I pass the boxwood hedge every time I walk downtown
and on this particular day, a very luminous yellow leaf, caught between the branches,
popped out to say hello!

Day 16: In-between
I captured this in-between two pillars
as I watched the lights being put on the Christmas tree by a man on a special lift!

Day 17: Perspective
 The close-up of the train and the window reflections and then being pulled forward into the image by the leading line of the white foot barrier and then by the train itself. The strip of blue of the sky forms an arrow shape with the line on the platform.

Day 18: Subtle
The metallic road cover with a modern design had been decorated
delicately and subtly by fallen leaves in the late afternoon sun.

Day 18: Subtle.
The soft reflections on the window pane of the vegetation made
me slow down and stop on my walk.

Day 19:  Curious and Compassionate
When I follow the life cycle of a leaf from bud to decomposition after they fall from the trees onto the earth, or into water, where they slowly disintegrate. I feel compassion for the beautiful leaf at all stages of its life and growth and death which is a simple reminder of our own life seasons as we journey through life from the time of our own birth. There is beauty in all the stages of life, both in nature and in all of us.
This images tells me to embrace the change and all seasons!

Day 20: The field
My field of vision at this particular moment is my window in the evening.
It's getting dark outside and I have lit many small candles
to give a warm cosy atmosphere.
By focusing on the crocheted snowflake, I have created a soft blur with the candle flames.


  1. As always your pictures are balm for the heart an the soul, a joy for the eyes. Thank you, dear Sandra!

    1. Thanks so much for your kind comment, Marjan. Some of these photos are not my usual style, but taken to illustrate a prompt.

  2. I've enjoyed looking at these again. I agree with Marjan's comment. Your pictures are always a joy for the eyes.

    1. Thanks so much, Cathy. Taking photographs from the heart can be so soothing!

  3. like a strand of pearls being beautiful
    as are this strand of photos
    lovely glimpses into your world. Looks like a beautiful place to wander and explore.

    1. Thank you kindly, Tammie. Even in the town environment there are pretty places to walk and feel joy. These photos may feel a little disconnected as they're part of a month long class called: "30 Days of Perception."

  4. I love the photos, Sandra, but even more I love the message of slowing down, taking time to really see and feel instead of rushing through life. There is beauty in the simplest of things--we simply need to take notice. Thank you for sharing these images (and your town looks charming!!).

    1. Thanks so much, Carol. You always give such thoughtful comments!

  5. Lovely, and especially the life cycle of a leaf - touches the heart!

    1. Thanks so much for popping into this earlier blog entry!