I Sometimes Wonder

I do sometimes wonder what all the fuss is about
as we leave one year and enter a new one.
I have always preferred it to slip in gently overnight when I'm asleep!

I do like to feel though, the gradual return to light, which I spoke about in December,
not so very long ago!

My daughter gave me this very pretty tree hanging in December.
I filled it with golden tinsel as a further symbol of light.
I thought it was perfect to wish you a beautiful start to your own year!

This second photo, is the first page of my new calendar for the year.
I found it so dainty and refreshing to represent these sweet peas
for the month of January, much more colourful and inventive
than a snow scene, don't you think?

For the time being,
I just like this first month of this year to unfold in harmony
and then it can be seen which paths to take
and how to take them.
There is no rush.


  1. Exactly! What is all the fuss about!?

  2. We seem to be like-minded on this score, Marjan!

  3. I think many people may feel the same but not want to admit it :)

  4. I agree! And such a lovely way to usher in January - with sweet peas!

    1. I really appreciated that lovely flowery image on the month of January of my calendar!

  5. I agree too! I wish you harmony. xxx

    1. It sounds as if we're all peace-loving souls that don't care for a lot of fuss and noise!!

  6. I, too, let the new year arrive while I'm peacefully asleep! Love your sparkly new ornament that your daughter gave you! Sweet peas for the new year . . . perfect!

  7. Those sweet peas are just lovely ...
    Happy New Year

    All the best Jan