The Lausanne Walking Event 2017

Doesn't this look exciting?
A flash tee-shirt, a medal and a number bib with my name on it!

It all started with this poster!
What about if I took part in this sports' event?
I've already done this quarter marathon, which is 10.54 km (6.55 miles) twice,
but that was ten years' ago!
Why not again this year?
The sheer thought made me want to do it and I started training right away,
doing a minimum of 10.000 steps a day and mostly doing much more!
The spring weather was perfect: dry, sunny, not too hot.
I walked just everywhere!

I mentioned my intentions to my daughter, who is a regular runner
who usually does running events.
She thought about my participation this year and said that she would join me!
We've never done this together before!

The morning of the big day, I prepared a homemade Birchermuesli
which I made by mixing organic oats, almonds and raisins, 
soaked overnight in almond or rice milk.
At the last minute, I added sliced banana and fresh raspberries.
A good energy-giving preparation for our power walking!

Here we are
fresh and full of energy before the quarter marathon!

Here is the walking group at the starting point waiting to get into our stride.

On the downhill part we could even chat!

Coming in over the arrival line!
I did it!
It was great!
I can feel all the little bones in my feet!
Timing: 1 hour 41 minutes!
I wanted to do it in less than 1hr45!
Better timing than I imagined.
The last time I did this walking event I did it in 1hr32.
The route was a slightly different one this time with more uphill parts
and I'm also ten years older with less time spent training!
Here we both are after finishing, wearing our medals and feeling elated and happy!

We had a special healthy, late lunch at one of the restaurants
special dishes had been prepared for the day.
A detox smoothie and a vegetarian platter.

Here is the outside terrace of the restaurant, empty when we left.

We all know the benefits of walking. 
Have you ever tried Power Walking?
It's invigorating and mood-enhancing and great for our health.
I'm going to continue getting out, even when it's raining!

We are finally getting some rain after an early spring and I just love
using my colourful umbrellas, like the one you see above.
In fact, I love umbrellas!

I'm enclosing the link to a short video below

from the official Lausanne Sports' Event.
It's really worth watching to get a feel of the fun and exciting atmosphere.
My daughter and I can be seen coming in towards the finishing line
in the second video clip and also the third one right after the advertisement!
Turn up your sound for the accompanying uplifting music
and lovely scenes of the city in which I live!



  1. Congratulations to you!! So proud that you set your goal and went after it! Love the pictures of you and your daughter. You both look beautiful and happy! Oh, and I really love your pretty pink umbrella!

    1. Thanks so much, Cathy! It was a challenge and also great fun to prepare and actually do on the day itself! I already have my next family walking event coming up next month out in the country and only half the length. It's so nice to have goals! All we need is dry weather!

  2. Congratulations - to both of you ! Keep up the good work ;-) You seems very happy and you should be !

    1. Thank you, Lasse! So nice to see you pop up here!

  3. Congratulations, Sandra!!!!
    This is a wonderful accomplishment.
    How nice that you were able to do it together with your daughter.
    What a lovely young lady she is!

    1. Thank you, Lisa! It was a great experience and I loved the atmosphere. I didn't think that I would like it so much as I am not much for huge crowds, but taking part in something oneself is very uplifting!

  4. Sandra - You Inspire Me! I already love to walk, but seeing this makes me never want to stop. So good for my health both physical and mental. Love that your daughter did it with you! Thanks for including that chart as well.

    1. Sarah, had you ever thought of participating in a walking event? Walking towards a specific goal really gets us moving and into good physical shape. It's also great for the morale and it gets us out of ourselves and widens our horizons! I'm doing another, shorter, walking event next month and I've heard there is another one in the vineyards not too far from me. I'm going to look into that one too!

  5. You are both so photogenic!

    1. Thanks, Sandi. It must be the elation of the moment and the happiness inside!!

  6. Congratulations! Well done! It always makes one feel great when one achieves a goal! And I guess you were delighted when your daughter joined the race. It's always nice to have a kindred spirit at one's side.
    Have a great (walking) day!
    BTW: I'm particularly fond of bright and happy umbrellas too!

    1. Thank you, Marjan! Yes, walking with someone else is much more fun! I was glad that my daughter decided to give it a go - even though she found it a bit tame! She usually runs! So you're a happy umbrella fan too! :)

  7. What a wonderful event! And the food looks yummy! I know you had a great time and it was so nice that your daughter did this with you!

    1. It really was a great event, Mary, with a marvellous atmosphere and music to put a spring in our steps! I loved it! It was mostly at a fast pace, a little slower up those numerous hills! Definitely a spurt of energy towards the end! I really enjoyed the experience!

  8. Oh WELL DONE to you and your lovely daughter. Many congrats on your achievement. How great that you could do this event together.

    Have a lovely weekend and a well-deserved rest.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

    1. Thanks, Sarn! It was a lovely experience! Tomorrow we're going on a Chocolate Rally, that means lots of tasting and lots of walking! I hope the walking helps eliminate the chocolate calories?! Another walk at the end of the week, but only 5km this time and yet another at the end of May! That's going to be some month! Oh yes, and the Naval Parade in-between! No time for rest!

  9. Congratulations! Good for you to set a goal and stick with it. And how fun to do it with your daughter. :) I don't walk, but I have recently gotten back into yoga, my body feels so much better. I just watched the video...what a beautiful place to live and walk. I hope you have great walking weather today. :)

    1. Thanks, Michelle! Yoga us excellent for the mind and body too! I'm glad you took the time to watch the video, it's really worth it and gives an idea of the atmosphere of the sport's event and the area in which I live! Today we have sunshine, hail, snow flurries and rain and then sunshine again! I'm just going out with my pink polka dot umbrella!

  10. Well done - what a great achievement. And I love that last photo (your new header too)!

    1. Thank you, Fi. It was a fun day! These days it's umbrella days! But I quite like them too!

  11. Awesome achievement! Bravo! I Like hiking and walking a lot!

    xoxo, Juliana | PJ’ Happies :)

    1. Thank you so much, Juliana! I only just noticed your kind comment and visit! Hiking and walking is marvellous for our health and uplifting for the spirits!