July Photographic Adventures


The spaces in-between
Life isn't just made up of light and shade
but also of the spaces in-between.

This capture made me think of a jigsaw puzzle and what I noticed the most
were the open spaces of sky.

What if the spaces were the most important part?
They are a reminder of how essential openness is to follow the path
that stretches out before me without preconceived ideas and limitations created in the mind.


Evening walks are slow and relaxed. 
I like to take the time to pause and stop and look around me
to notice what catches the light in the last rays of sunshine.

The red leaves invited me to look further into each detail of their structure,
how the stalks caught the light
how the edges of the leaf looked so beautiful
and noticing the tiniest spider's thread on one side.

Pausing and taking the time to notice details makes everything seem more beautiful,
more present, more intense.


It sometimes rains on holiday!
If the rain hadn't been so generous when I visited England recently
I would never have seen the wonder of reflections in puddles.
They are an art all on their own!


On an early-morning walk, I passed these self-sown poppies
which had found the tiniest slice of earth between the wall and the path.
Their random demeanor pulled me in.
The simplicity of these wild poppies  made me feel totally connected to life
just the way it is!
Feeling a connection with that moment was beautiful
and as I look at this image, I rekindle that connection.


There are certain turning points in our lives when decisions are made
as different paths and choices appear before us.
I am today, the result of my decisions and of my personal destiny.

I am curious to know how my life will play out in the days and months
and even the years to come.
Yet, I have no fixed plans, that would actually limit me,
I like to remain open, letting my natural curiosity lead me
to discover new paths.
Going with the flow gives me freedom.

Life is like a hall of mirrors
what images will be reflected back at me?


The translucency of petals
I am a seeker of light, both in my photography and in my life.
Wonder is everywhere.
When we look around us like a small child seeing things for the very first time
in open-eyed wonder, we are totally connected to the marvel of Life!


Have you ever noticed how connected everything is?
When I go on my walks, I notice so many connections.
I paused to take in the texture and colour of a rusty post and noticed
how the old wooden fence was connected to the post
and then the green vine which brought everything together 
by draping itself across the open wire fencing and around the post.
The pale green lighting in the background illuminated the whole scene
as I stopped to savour every detail.

is being open to the realization that everything is an opportunity for learning.
We discover unexpected treasures along the way
even in the darkest places.


A draped curtain
filtered light seeping through the slats of the almost closed shutters.
A feeling of peace.


When raindrops create art
Taking time to stop
to move in closer and really see each detail.
How those raindrops, like shiny jewels, glisten.

Taking the time to focus my attention and to marvel at what is around me.


Water has always fascinated and inspired me
the colours, the reflections, the rhythmic movements
how it is ever-changing
often calming
sometimes wildly energizing.


The crescent moon, still delicately apparent in the early morning sky.
A plane cloud dispersed
creating a soft, fluffy backbone against the blue.

As I paused to look up, there was instant connection
the three of us:
moon, cloud and the sky-gazer
alone in the universe in that moment
I embraced the scene with all my being.

Simplicity, wonder and emotion fill the frame like a contented sigh.


I have recently participated in a workshop called
with Kim Manley Ort
I have been discovering new connections
with the world around me and have been on new photographic adventures!
Have a look at the link above
to join Kim on future adventures.


  1. It's always a delight to read your charming posts and pause to look at your beautiful photography. Very calming.


    Hugs, Sarn xxx

    1. Sarn, my faithful visitor! So happy you love coming in to look around!

  2. There really is so much beauty in simplicity. You captured it so well. Gorgeous!

  3. Wonderful images, Sandra, and equally beautiful words and thoughts from you. I especially love the draped curtain/shutters imagae.

    1. Thank you, George for your kind words. I rather liked that draped curtain and shutters capture as well. I like the way the filtered light gave it a special atmosphere. The shade is so restful during these days of hot sun.

  4. Thank you for taking me along on your July images. Such beauty and to me that is what photography has put in my life a way of seeing the world around me. Love the light in all of these Sandra and it looks like July treated you well. So happy and lovely to see.

    1. Thank you, Barbara. I agree that photography allows us to see things anew and our cameras help us to capture those things to share them with others.

  5. A wonderful recap of all the topics from the Adventures in Seeing class. There is much magic in the world if we are open to it and your images have captured so much magic about the every day world we live in.

    1. Yes, there is so much magic and beauty in the world when we are open to seeing it all around us! Thank you for coming in and for your comment!

  6. This is such a beautiful pairing of photos and words.

    Thank you :-)

    1. Thank you for your visit and your comment, CherryPie! So glad to share the beauty of what surrounds us with you!

  7. What a wonderful post today, Sandra! Marvelous pictures and reflections. That means a very sensitive and special soul behind. Thanks so much for sharing this beauty with us. Have a lovely week! xxx

    1. So nice of you to say so, Anabelia. I am glad that you joined me on my journey of images and words!

  8. These are wonderful, Sandra! What a great selection of images for your special words. The connection image really spoke to me. Well done, bravo!

    1. Thank you, Gina. I really enjoyed finding the images that connected to our words.

  9. Glad to hear that you loved Kim's class. I loved your observations and your photos. The greens were so peaceful and relaxing.

    1. I agree, green is such a peaceful colour and can be found just about everywhere in nature. Thank you for visiting!

  10. Sandra,
    Your photos are so beautiful and refreshing. Overflowing with light, shadow and the spaces. Such a delight to see, along with your words they are further enriched.
    So beautiful.

    1. Thank you, Tammie. I do love the play of light and shadow!

  11. Wow - stunning shots and poetic words. I love that glowing red leaf.

  12. Thank you, Fi! That red leaf was a wonderful discovery on an early evening walk!

  13. A beautiful post. Beautiful photos and words. It is wonderful how little things can make us feel so contented and you have shown them here.

    1. Thank you, Diane. It's often the little things which bring us the most joy!

  14. I'm so glad I dropped over today. I usually get your posts on my blogger feed, but somehow it missed this one! You are a marvel at connecting yourself to the photos you take. I can feel YOU in each one of them. This is simply an amazing group of photos and words. I need to take another class by Kim, she is a wonderful leader!

    1. So nice of you to drop in, Cathy! I am so glad that you can feel me in each image! I did feel very connected to them. Thank you for your kind words. Yes, Kim's classes always give us something special!

  15. What a truly lovely and heartfelt post, Sandra.
    I so enjoyed reading it.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. So nice to have you visit, Lisa. I'm glad you enjoyed this posting. I really enjoyed combining words and images!

  16. I really enjoyed reading this Sandra. I'm late to this post, but have read it at the perfect moment for me. Such great reminders to be present, to see, to appreciate and to live.
    Thank you!
    Kate :}

  17. So glad these came at a good time for you, Kate!