Taking a Break

Sometimes in life
we just need to pause
and take stock
and shuffle our priorities a little.

Take time to smell the flowers

Create harmonious corners in our home

That allow us to enjoy shape and colour

To gather treasures from nature
and create a still life

Try it with spring flowers too
It's amazing what I found in my town environment!
The pollen from the catkins went just everywhere as you can see on the wooden surface!

We can create feelings of peace and beauty in our own homes.

Thank you to all those who follow my blog entries
and a special thank-you to those who take the time to leave comments
for they are always very much appreciated!

See you soon.
I'll be back in May!


  1. Hi Sandra, I've just started blogging again and you are taking a break. Really pretty pictures here today.
    I hope you enjoy your break.
    Take care!!:)

  2. I love the woodland still life in grays and browns entwined with ivy. My blog breaks are always refreshing - I hope the same for you. It's snowing continualy here, so we hope to leave on a short trip into sunshine tomorrow. Enjoy your spring!

  3. I wish you a lovely time away from blogging.

    your photos are so lovely and refreshing to see.
    sweet spring to you!

  4. Sandra, each of these are simply magnificent!
    You have a wonderful break, and I will surely see you when you return.

  5. Oh so beautiful still life images! You are very talented at putting together still lifes and then the words you pare them with are perfect! Enjoy your days off! I'll be waiting for May and your return!

  6. Each image a charming collection of color, texture and design, Sandra! I hope you have an enjoyable and productive break!!!!! See you in May :)

  7. What a lovely series of shots. Enjoy your break!

  8. Have a lovely break Sandra xxx

  9. Yep we sometimes need to refuel and find out what is right with us and correct. Hope your time away is good. I love those little pansies in the small pitcher. I love seeing such set up in ones home. Have fun and come back soon.

    1. Thanks, Barbara! Yes, little breaks in routine are necessary from time to time!
      That very small pitcher/jug is usually used to serve cream with coffee. It's really tiny and three equally tiny viola flowers fit in!

  10. Hi
    How nice and what a perfect time to take a break. Enjoy and see you soon.

  11. Hope you have a lovely break!! See you soon!
    Kate :}

  12. Enjoy your time away. I will be doing that in May.

  13. Make the most of your time away, and thank you for leaving us with all this beauty to enjoy in your absence.

  14. Oh what a lovely post - with many glimpses of beautiful crochet! Those still lifes are breathtaking. Enjoy your break, Sandra. :)

  15. Sandra, you are a great artist. Such lovely creations ! Have a nice "break", and welcome back :-))

  16. What lovely photos!

    Have a nice break and come back refreshed ~ FlowerLady

  17. I've just come in from cutting flowers in the garden and it's so lovely to bring the beauty of the outside - in! Have a lovely break and enjoy:)

  18. Hoping that you are in the midst of something wonderful and lovely. I look forward to your May return. :-) The photos are, once again, incredible!

  19. I'm laughing because you are taking a break just when I finally have a chance to catch up with you here! These images are so lovely and so wonderfully creative.. I love the color combinations in each one. Enjoy you break, Sandra and hope to meet you back here soon.

  20. Hmmm....left a comment but I'm not sure it "took". Rather than trying to recreate the profound words I penned originally (ha!) I'll just say that I've enjoyed seeing your photographs and will be back again!

  21. Dear Sandra, it's always a pleasure to visit your blog. Such inspiration through your wonderful photos and words. Thank you for that, from deep inside my heart. Much love. Margarida