Stepping into the Unknown

At the beginning of a new year, there's a feeling of excitement
as we prepare ourselves to tread new territory.
I know that some people really love to plan
and feel they have some control over future events.
I can understand that it could feel reassuring to want to do this.

Professionally speaking, it is necessary to plan and to have goals.
All of us need to make appointments, to plan our travels
and we need to organize classes we give or others we may wish to follow.

Besides these basic necessities,
 have you ever been tempted to just see where each moment takes you?
Letting go of wanting to know
of wanting to control
and observe which paths open up before you?

Accepting the fact that sometimes our view is momentarily hindered
by darkness.
Yet there are always sparks of light shining somewhere ready to illuminate
our way when we are ready to move forward.

The sun rises and shows us the view beyond our limited horizon

and a clear outline of things ahead is revealed.

There can be obstacles and zones of darkness

and yet by pulling back and seeing the bigger picture,
new possibilities open up.

Just imagine what it would be like to stand near the edge
of these mountain peaks and look down on the field of experiences
we are creating day by day, moment by moment.
Destiny plays a part and certain choices we decide to make in any given situation.

A picture of our year is being created
and although we may think we have planned it all,
life itself has taken over
and woven the colours and designs that we can see.

If life is the weaver
are we not the weaving?


  1. Such beautiful writing and images. I hope that in years to come I can just step off and take the year as it finds me. Take care xx

  2. What a thoughtful blog post! Your worlds made me think and I reckon I will carry them around with me for some time. Thanks for sharing!

    Take care
    Anne (Crochet Between Worlds)

  3. Happy New Year, Sandra! The third image - Love it! I'm a planner and like to think I'm weaving....but, as you point out, I'm probably just the weaving:) Regardless, trying to roll with the moments and enjoy them as best I can!

  4. I left a comment earlier but for some reason it didn't go through so I will try again. You have a gift of combining words and pictures into a beautiful mosaic. I will definitely ponder your words as I see life unfold before me. Happy New Year...

  5. What a wonderful and inspiring post.
    Thank you.
    Connie :)

  6. What a profound post. We do need let those moments in life just happen and be open to the gifts that life can give!!

  7. Lovely post Sandra. Hope 2015 is a great year for you. xxx

  8. Such a thought provoking post. It is good to start with a basic plan and then trust the process with be exciting and you will be led from experience to experience.

  9. Beautiful, both words and images! In this stage of my life, I'm not much for planning. Of course, I have to have some plans, but they're always open for changes! Happy New Year to you!!

  10. Happy New Year Sandra! Such a beautiful and inspiring post! I was just reading about the letting go you were talking about and the freedom that can be found from living in the moment. Reading your post was like reading a little supplement to the book I'm reading with lovely images!!
    Wishing you a lovely, inspiring and creative New Year!!
    Kate :}

  11. You have just written, so eloquently, exactly what I've been thinking about as this new year begins. In fact, my word for 2015 is "flow"...I'm going with the flow. Life always has it's ups and downs and there is so much out of our control anyway. And these images, Sandra! Wow, I am blown away!! Happy New Year to you, my friend...I can't wait to see where life takes you this year.

  12. Happy New Year 2015 Sandra ! Inspired by your beautiful post I go out in the new year with open minds :-)

  13. Sandra, thank you for starting off the New Year in such an inspiring way. Your words combined with these gorgeous images create a work of art.

  14. such gorgeous images Sandra!
    i so enjoyed them mixed with your thoughts on life and time and how we embrace our time.

    sometimes hiking i think ahead to which path i will take and i pull myself back to the moment inviting myself to choose with each step.... i might change my mind anyway. i so enjoy that. sometimes i drive out my little road thinking i am heading to town for errands and instead turn north for a different adventure. it is so nice to surprise oneself. so i do like your inviting thoughts.

  15. Goodness what beauty in them there mountains and hills. I really enjoyed your thoughts and you know we can't be certain how our days will pan out this year but looking at the beauty is one good way to look to 2015. Beautiful photography Sandra.

  16. Wow - stunning beauty in your shots and lovely words too.

  17. Happy New Year, dear Sandra! This is such a beautiful post - both the photos and the words were just what I needed today❤️
    Big hug from your friend in Norway!

  18. Such stunning images!

    Happy New Year :o)

  19. Oh my
    so pleased I found you
    or did you find me ?
    My last years
    find me letting go more and more.