Rippling Reflections

I hope you like green!
If you do,
 let yourself imagine that you're a water sprite
living in a poetic, watery setting in nature.

By clicking on each photo
to enlage the image, you will be able to see each tiny detail and every delicate hue.

Snatches of blue sky mingle in-between the green reflections

A few burnished leaves show themselves here and there

Cascading and ondulating
becoming abstract in quality

Here you can see the reason for these reflections and ripples
On the left of this image, the circular pattern comes from a source flowing into the pond.


Even the duck is enjoying the movements in the water
Can you bear a bit more green...?

This one is my favourite
The circular movement of the water,
the touches of blue
and the different shades of green.
All is made up of reflections except the hanging branch on the upper right.

A final look
this time at the other end of the pond
which gives a more serene atmosphere.

Water sprite:

An elf-like creature or water fairy.
Some people believe in them,
others prefer to look upon them as supernatural legendary creatures.
Whatever your belief,
I hope you enjoyed being a water-sprite during your visit!


  1. A Van Gogh painting :)
    Have a nice Sunday :)

  2. oh yes, i entirely enjoyed being a water sprite
    such beautiful fluid greens and beauty
    thank you for the magical journey

  3. You are having so much fun:)
    I especially like the last photo . . . so peaceful.
    I want to pack a picnic and take a good book and spend my day there.
    Connie :)

  4. I certainly did enjoy being a temporary water sprite! Thank you! xxx

  5. Your abstract photos are always food for the soul, Sandra. The pond looks like a watery paradise of movement and color.

  6. Oh yes, I enjoyed this! Such beauty! The first one reminds me of stained-glass! Love that you showed the pond where the reflections came from!

  7. Wow, loved looking through these pictures Sandra! Love the colors and the shapes the ripples made! Such a beautiful pond!
    Kate :}

  8. Pure art! Lovely.

  9. So unique, and so lovely, Sandra.

  10. Fabulous images! I was looking at some trees reflected in the river today and thinking about attempting something similar when the leaves have a bit more orange in them :)

  11. Beautiful images of these captivating reflections, Sandra! The palette is so peaceful -- I could sit and look at these for hours. Thank you.

  12. Looks like you've been having fun at the water's edge, Sandra! Mesmerizing - yes! I've been doing some reflection gazing of late, too.....but blue water and autumn colored leaves. Time certainly slips by at the water's edge :)
    Take care and I will write you a long overdue note soon!

  13. Beautiful captures of such magical ripples and colours. Scenes like these make you wish that you are sharing the moments with the water sprites. Heart lifting shots here Sandra xx

  14. A stunning collection of impressionist paintings! Beautiful swirls and ripples of green! Fantastic work, Sandra.