Early Morning Light

The first rays of sun come over the hill behind some buildings
and I am held spellbound.
There's that special silence which is associated with this time of the day.
The blackbird has been singing on a nearby tree for some time now,
but just before the sun appears, he becomes silent
adding to the drama of  it all.

This little wooden chair was bought in Spain
 for my eldest son when he was just two.
It has been used by all of my children and then my grandson.
It holds many fond memories of many years ago,
and now, bathed in the ever-changing morning light, 
it brings me fully into the beauty of this moment
of sunlight and shadows.

The golden rays illuminate the tulips in a dark blue jug
next to the couch where I am sitting.

Everything is bathed in gold, including me.
It feels wonderful!

The star-like reflections in the base of the jug hold my gaze in this play of light.

Abstract patterns are created with the ebb and flow of the sheer curtains
where shadows become a tangible reality.

My early morning peppermint tea is blessed by the morning sun

and when I look up through my window, 
I can see the soft coloured shapes of the freshly planted Ranunculus flowers
in the window box through the bevelled edges of the glass window hanging.

Early mornings are my favourite time of the day
in every season of the year.
How could I possibly stay in bed with so much beauty coming into my little home?


  1. Lovely photoserie.The light gives so much MAGIC to life!


  2. I love your peaceful take on early mornings. I can see I miss out on a lot by staying in bed!

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  3. I too was up very early this morning to enjoy the sunlight. Your photographs and words are very beautiful and I like your Pip cup and saucer. Early morning is my favourite time of the day also xxx

  4. What a beautiful and inspiring way to start the day!
    Kate :}

  5. That golden light is a gift to those of us who greet it. I'm sitting in a pool of morning light as I visit you. My tea is black and astringent. We're a world apart but on the same page.

  6. What beautiful golden light to see upon awakening! Your lovely curtains create such wonderful lines. I just bought a bouquet of ranunculus flowers today at the market. So pretty! Have a lovely weekend, my friend.

  7. Early morning is my very favorite time of the day too, Sandra.
    The light you have captured in these is lovely.
    You have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Extraordinary morning light, pure gold! My favorite time of day too, not only because of the light but because it is so peaceful. I must tell you how much I love that little chair there in the light and shadow, must bring back many wonderful memories!

  9. Oh, ich liebe es auch, wenn das Morgenlicht durch das Fenster dringt und dabei wunderbare Licht-und-Schattenspiele erzeugt. Das ist eine Stimmung, die der Seele gut tut.

    Deine Fotos spiegelt diese Stimmung wunderbar wider.

    Ein freundlicher Gruß
    von der Waldameise

  10. Beautiful light! And lovely words to go with the amazing photos.

  11. Such a beautifully written post. A sunny early start to the morning, especially when there is time to enjoy it, is the most perfect time of day. x

  12. Hi Sandra,
    I do agree that peaceful, sunlit mornings are a very special time of day. Your images perfectly portray the feelings of this gift. I especially like the two with the sunlight and tulips (great mood) and third to the last - the curtain bottoms and cast shadow (surprising view and nice design). I think the first two pictures would make incredible B&W's!
    Dark, dark grey here today :(
    Happy day to you,

  13. Such reverence in your presentation of the morning light in your home. To think that it is there for all of us most mornings. Thank you for making us stop and see it through your eyes. All of the images are stunning, but the last one took my breath away. Gorgeous.

  14. The tulip photo is gorgeous! How wonderful that you can start your days with sun :)

  15. For me too, Sandra, early morning is the best time of day and seeing your sheer curtains with the light shining through touched me with nostalgia for I used to love my 'nets' - now venetians have become a necessary but unliked commodity in my place!
    I love your sweet little chair as well as cup and saucer, and over-all am so taken with your respect and fluidity of words once again AND your amazing photography! Thank you lovely lady, Joy xo

  16. How gorgeous - love the light.

  17. you are quite gifted with your camera
    you capture spirit, nostalgia, beauty
    your words flow
    and touch my heart
    thank you for this gift

  18. That's such a lovely story of your son and now grandchild's chair, how special.
    Mary x

  19. I needed a little peace this afternoon and I knew just who to visit! I wanted to see if I'd missed a post while I was away from the Internet. The beauty of your images and your words just bring such peace and joy! Thank you!

  20. I have to echo what Kim said! You have a gift for presenting the beauty in every moment in a way that allows us to see it through your eyes and feel touched by the magic -- thank you. And that last image -- so amazing!

  21. Sandra, your attention to detail in your writing and in these photos is really a delight. The shadows, and the light coming through the curtain behind the tulips, and that sweet cup with peppermint tea are refreshing, and remind me to take pleasure in the little things around me.

    Hope you're having a wonderful Easter!

  22. oh my goodness. Just gorgeous in words and the images are stunning.. I love that light.

    You know light. Happy Easter.