Keeping it Simple

Lavender pomander

During this month of December
It's so lovely to pull back from the hustle and bustle
away from the tinsel and the baubles
and seek out simplicity.

Soft candlelight and ribbons

A vase of flowers in pastel colours

and in the evening
a little candle contemplation 
and time to unwind with Mozart's music:


  1. The Lavender pomander is Lovely!

  2. Very good post Sandra ..... i love the colors.

    Greetings and i wish you a very nice wednesday.


  3. I love your photos of details! Look, and feel.

  4. BRILLIANT post Sandra. xxx

  5. LOVE that third shot! Such pretty colors and composition!!
    Hope you're having a lovely week Sandra!
    Kate :}

  6. Your focus - in words and photos - is perfect. I light the candles, too, sometimes in the afternoon when the day has no sunshine. It's snowing and blowing today - I just came back from a cross-country ski.

  7. such a lovely post Sandra. i like your way of embracing December.

  8. What a beautiful and calming set of images, Sandra!

  9. Your beautiful words and images really encourage us to take the time to appreciate the simple things and exude serenity, which is always there if we only take the time to find it. I'm so glad you're in the Simplicity group and I'll see you there too!

  10. What gorgeously elegant shots.

  11. Sandra ~ I like the peaceful reminder and gorgeous images that you've shared with us! I would expect no less from you :) Your timing is perfect as this often crazy and hectic holiday season has started. Funny how the season should be quite the reverse...quiet, peaceful, reverential...much like your images. Nature has set/forced that theme here, as we are engulfed in the aftermath of a big snowstorm - quiet, snowy, and cold.
    Take care my friend.

  12. I couldn't agree more! Wonderful images as always Sandra ... they're so restful to look at ... contemplative even :)

  13. Simple is good, it makes us focus in on all the little detail and the detail in these images is beautiful! And Mozart's music never fails to de-stress and always brings a smile.