Blowing in the Breeze

Wild flowers

swaying in the long grass

creating soft smudges of colour

petals gently swirling

beautiful at every stage
in this green garden
of softness.

This charming flower can be found in hedgerows or growing in long grass among other wild flowers.
Its name is Greater Knapweed 
and it's a valuable nectar source for insects
and a favourite of many butterflies.


  1. Oh these are lovely shots Sandra, such a pretty wee flower and such a gorgeous colour. Sometimes I think the wildflowers are lovelier than garden flowers.

  2. Lovely series with the stages so beautifully represented! Purple and green are such a great combination.

  3. Wow, Sandra! Macro work at its finest! Such soft backgrounds, but sharp details on the flowers, and the faintest petals look like twirling skirts. Lovely colors! Wishing you a lovely weekend.

  4. Love you new header photo too!

  5. Lovely soft colors and a very nice serie Sandra,
    your work is always very good.

    wish you a nice weekend.

    Greetings, Joop

  6. These are all stunning images! You are a master at macro photography! I loved them all, the details and the soft backgrounds. But, the last one made me gasp! Perfect focus that show such wonderful textures!

  7. Hi Sandra - I agree with everyone else, your photos are stunning! Do you know what kind of flowers they are? Their texture and shape is really interesting.

  8. Gorgeous pictures! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm glad the cafetiere cosy pattern can be of use to you :) Hx

  9. Reminds me of our Bachelor Buttons (also known as Cornflower) here in the states. Lovely macros, Sandra. xoxo

  10. Sandra, your work is incredible. Have you thought of creating a book of your work. It really is special.

    I also love your new header. Your blog has such a soft peaceful feeling to it. Have a great week.

  11. I love this series, Sandra, especially the last one.
    You have captured such wonderful detail there.

  12. Sandra, these are beautiful at every stage, especially with your "soft smudges of color" in the background.

  13. So very beautiful, and they are truly gorgeous at every stage