Midwinter 2018

On Friday 21 December
it was the Winter Soltice, also known as Midwinter.
The next day was a full moon although the sky was not clear enough for me to see it.

It's also the time of the year when candlelight brings in a warming cosy atmosphere
and there is a wish to decorate with delicate seasonal things.
This tiny crystal snowflake is perfect!

This festive red candle represents the return of light which has just begun
with each day increasing by a few seconds!
The reflection can be seen in my window against the night sky!

The same window in the daytime brings in softness created by the winter's sky.

There have been rainy days and sunny ones and even snow flurries which didn't settle for long.
A few leaves hang on and make pretty silhouettes against the sky.

Like fingers which hold
fuzzy balls against the sky
touching tenderness.

Whenever the weather is dry and not too blustery, I go walking to be
amazed by nature in this wintry season.
These catkins tell me that spring will follow in good time.

I take one of the dried hydrangea flowers from my plant on the balcony.
It remains beautiful even as in this state of maturity.

Now we're leading up to Christmas which can be a little overwhelming
with the stores pushing us to buy and then buy some more
with lights that are a little over the top and a bit too bright!

I do love to keep things rather simple and really liked this elegant balsam wood
hanging decoration with a shiny crystal ball.
The night sky shows up the details the best.
I saw them at the Christmas Market in Lucerne when I visited at the beginning of  December.
You can see it here

A Christmas tree bauble speaks of Christmas which will be in two days' time.
It's a time when families like to be all together.

This year, I made a Christmas garland to hang up in my living room!
It looks very festive!

You can see them better here.
The different patterns have been collected over time from different sources.
The four blue snowflakes on the bottom row are a smaller version of the one here:
The yellow stars are from here:

whatever this present moment holds for you, embrace it,
enjoy it or learn from it.
As often as you can, keep smiling - it can make someone's day
and it embellishes our whole attitude to life
and the world around us!

Please click on each photo to enlarge them so they fill the screen!


  1. Lovely festive pictures Sandra. Thank you for the good wishes . . . fully reciprocated.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

    1. Many thanks, Sarn, and for your good wishes too!

  2. Beautiful photographs.
    Merry Christmas Wishes.

    All the best Jan

  3. Beautiful elegant Christmas decorations! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    1. Thank you, Cathy! Thank you for your Christmas wishes! It's a busy time, but it will be lovely once we can all relax!

  4. I don't know if I can pick a favorite here, Sandra. I love the catkins--I've never seen them here in Ohio. Love the balsam wood decoration and your beautiful garland too. Winter Solstice is my favorite seasonal marker. I love the long winter's night--cozy, restful, and sparkly. And spring is all the sweeter for it. It's Christmas Eve here, so it must be Christmas morning where you are. I hope it's filled with everything you love, and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment, Susan. I agree with all you say about this particular time of the year having lots of charm and the cosiness of it all! Spring prepares itself in silence as the earth slumbers!
      Yes, it's Christmas morning as I write these words. I'm up nice and early to prepare things and make everything look welcoming for my family!

  5. What beautiful shots! Wishing you much joy and warmth!

  6. Catkins already? I'm a bit jealous! :)

    Those fuzzy balls are beautiful against the sky, and your Christmas garland is so cute and cheery. Merry Christmas to you, Sandra, and best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year.

    1. Thanks so much for your kind wishes, Sue! The catkins always form early in the winter months and remain closely closed until the warmth of spring wakens them up!

  7. these are so lovely, so delicate and soft, makes me want to go and decorate. I like the little snowflake.

    have a lovely day.

    1. Thanks so much, lissa. Lovely to have you visit!

  8. Lots of Love, Joy and Happiness in 2019!

    1. Thank you, Marjan and many lovely times for you in the New Year also!

  9. Lovely Sandra!! Wishing you a Very Happy New Year with many more blessings in 2019!!
    xo Anna and Liz

    1. Many thanks for your kind wishes, Anna and Liz!

  10. Your crocheted banner is so very cheery, Sandra! And, as always, your photographs need no words--each one tells a story.

    I hope 2019 brings you much good health and happiness ♥

    1. Thank you so much, Carol. You always have such friendly things to say! Thank you too for your good wishes for this new year!