Chakra Mandala and Crystals

The Word comes from Sanskrit and means 'healing circle' or 'Universe'.
The most impressive mandalas are made by Tibetan monks
in beautiful coloured sands.
The creation of them is a meditative process with deep spiritual significance.

The crystals that I have placed around the crocheted mandala
are as follows, from upper left to right:
Red Jasper (Root Chakra)
Cornaline (Sacral)
Calcite (Solar Plexus)
Malachite (Heart)
Amazonite (Throat)
Lapis-Lazuli (Third Eye)
Amethyst (Crown Chakra)

These are energy centres in our body.
There are seven main chakras in our bodies,
going from the lowest Root Chakra, which is at the base of the spine,
right up to the Crown Chakra.

The crocheted mandala in pastel shades with the following crystals
going from the upper left:
Amethyst, Lapis-Lazuli, Chalcedony, New Jade, Calcite, Cornaline and Pink Quartz.

Creating the first letter 'S' of my name


Each crystal is said to have specific healing properties.
Right now, I feel very attracted to Lapis-Lazuli.
The colour is a deep and vibrant blue with flecks of gold. There are variations
of colour in each stone. One of mine has more gold and the other
a deep and wonderful blue.
This crystal is a gemstone that helps bring inner peace
and clears the mind of negative thought patterns.
It awakens the third-eye, which promotes a higher consciousness
on journeys of self-discovery.

I like to arrange different crystals around my home according to how I feel
and which ones I feel attracted to at the time.
These days, I'm enjoying the colours and vibrations of those above.

It's an interesting fact that the seven colours of a rainbow
correspond exactly to the colours of the seven Chakras!

I found a very lovely crochet pattern to make my Chakra Mandala.
You can find it here: 

What to Do on a Rainy Day

There are so many things I love to do on a rainy day!
Crochet is one of them - and I recently finished my spring wreath for the front door.
It makes me feel welcome when I come home

I love to capture nature abstracts
like in the harmonious curves of the petals of my Amaryllis.
Photography is something we can definitely do on a rainy day, even inside!

Bringing home a basket of three daffodil bulbs was like bringing spring sunshine
into my home.

No need to resist capturing them from every angle!

Just drink in their yellow beauty until the sunshine and blue skies return.

Sit down with a big cup of  a delicious warm drink.
This one is a ginger and lemon infusion.

Why not practice some fun self-portraits.
My favourites this week are double exposures!

Oh yes, and another thing to do on a rainy day!
Make a new blog entry!

Instead of  wanting to make everything incredibly perfect,
just do things the way they are today
and that is enough!